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New crypto project MetaBlaze is in the final stages of its presale ahead of its NFT mint on October 15.
The project, which combines NFTs and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, has less than $600,000 of tokens to sell out before it hits its hard cap of $4 million.
The project will then launch its NFT collection of 10,000 MetaGoblins on October 15 – with the goblins to feature in-game utility.
MetaBlaze is a new crypto project that sees players collect Bitcoin and other cryptos while mining for Terranzinite crystals in the MetaBlaze universe.
The project is unique in that while players can earn rewards for taking part in games and events in their metaverse, the rewards will not be distributed in the native $MBLZ token.
Instead, MetaBlaze has enabled players to reap rewards in BTC, Ethereum, Solana and BNB, rolling out the first-ever revolving rewards pool within its Blaziverse decentralized app (dApp).
The first P2E mini-game is MetaMinez, a strategic, time-bound game that generates rewards.
Players enter a mine, select a miner, commit $MLBZ tokens and a life petal – as well as any other in-game consumables – needed for that specific outcome.
Total Mining Power is then calculated and after a fixed duration, the game is finished, and rewards are distributed.
With many play-to-earn games falling by the wayside in 2022, the MetaBlaze developers have focused on a narrative-driven experience for its flagship game.
The as-yet-untitled game is a fully immersive on-chain RPG where players explore the vastness of Galaxia Blue and complete quests along the way.
Details are currently limited, but players will battle over key areas of space, control trade routes and economic hubs.
MetaGoblins are a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that will be the primary asset in MetaMinez.
Unlike the in-game Goblins, which can only be used once, MetaGoblins can be used over and over and act as an in-game multiplier for a player’s Total Mining Power.
They come in four rarity tiers (8,897 Mystic, 1,000 Epic, 100 Legendary and 3 Rare King) and will have one of four Land Focus Types (Carbon, Glacial, Igneous, Sedimentary).
The MetaGoblins NFTs will be minted from Saturday, October 15 on OpenSea.
As mentioned above, the $MBLZ token presale is less than $600,000 from reaching its hard cap.
The BEP-20 token has a max supply of 420 billion but rather than being solely a token to hold and secure, it will act to enhance a player’s experience with MetaBlaze.
The more tokens one holds the more they will get out of the project – for example, 1 MBLZ equates to one Mining Rig in MetaMinez and the more mining rigs a player deploys the more likely they are to win rewards in other cryptos.
MBLZ will also be the only currency for in-game consumables and mystery boxes, which will enhance the player’s experience and ability.
Furthermore, the developers have made the token deflationary, with a percentage of all MBLZ transactions being burned and eventually 48% of the total supply being permanently removed.
Only 10% of tokens – 42 million – are on sale during the presale phase, with 18% also set to be burned at launch.
MBLZ will have its initial exchange offering (IEO) on PancakeSwap with a list price of $0.0002.
The date is not yet confirmed.
MetaBlaze is a unique new project that combines play-to-earn gaming with NFT ownership.
The project has a fully doxxed and public team that has had its KYC verification by market leading blockchain security firm Certik.
It also has strong tokenomics – similarly audited by Certik – and a robust burn system that could see it gain in price in the coming months.
Furthermore, the game will offer rewards in other cryptos, a unique quirk that will appeal to many gamers, and has been developed in a narrative-driven fashion to keep players coming back.
Despite the ongoing bear market, finding and investing in good presale projects has proven to be a solid strategy to return gains. We have analyzed a full MetaGoblins price prediction here.
However, it is important you conduct independent research and your own due diligence. 
For more information on the project read the MetaBlaze Whitepaper and join the Telegram group.
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