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Virtua is trying to ramp up its NFT marketplace with its new partnership with Polygon. NFTs and other crypto-related items were put on hold as the bears grabbed control of the cryptocurrency market. Many people were surprised by this, given the excitement around the NFT industry.
In its recent announcement, Polygon unveiled a new partnership with Virtua to enhance its NFT marketplace.
JUST IN: #Polygon partners with Virtua to enhance its NFT marketplace.
Following the sharp decline in its sales, many in the community avoided conversations about how NFTs were the way of the future. In the view of many, non-fungible tokens were just a passing trend. However, well-known platforms like Polygon didn’t stop seeing opportunities in the sector.
The new partnership aims to reduce the fees on Virtua’s NFT marketplace, increase the speed, and minimize the impact on the environment. Virtua is a platform that provides artists to build an immersive 3D NFT with utility. Artists can showcase their collectibles in the Virtua showrooms in its metaverse.
Virtua chose Polygon due to its scalability features and green nature. The partnership will also allow Virtua users to utilize Polygon’s zkEVM technology. This will aid in faster transactions with fewer gas fees and improved security.
Polygon’s ability to mint NFTs cheaper with its focus on carbon neutrality is acting as a major attraction for several platforms. Cryptocurrencies and their impact on the environment have been a long-discussed topic.
The environmental impact of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its proof-of-work mining consensus has been one of the strongest arguments against them. However, Ethereum recently moved to a proof-of-stake consensus. This eliminated the argument against Ethereum’s energy-centric mining activity.
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