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PopCom has been revolutionizing retail through its PopShop Digital Pop-Up Shops for a while now, selling everything from tea to heels. So, why not NFTs? In this coming NFT.NYC, PopCom is partnering with Knxtti to release their genesis NFT collection through their own vending machines!
Mark your calendars guys. June 20th, 2022 will be the day history is re-written. During NFT.NYC , PopCom will set up its PopShop in Hilton Midtown, releasing its debut NFT collection: The NYers. This series features cartoon portraits of big-name celebrities such as Biggie, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, and Donald Trump.
There will only be 10 pieces for sale on that day, each with a price tag of $500. Basically, the 10 buyers will each receive 1 of 10 limited edition NFTs. The vending machine will first print out a physical high-quality print of the NYers collection. Then, the buyer will find a unique QR code to mint the digital NFT. The team also promises more exclusive perks after the purchase.
This seems like a very reasonable price to be part of NFT history right?
As physical goods gain higher visibility through vending machines, so will NFTs. Through this innovative solution, artists such as coinGODx can easily showcase and sell their art in high-traffic areas without being physically present. They can now deliver their art both physically and virtually, while being at multiple physical locations at a time.
Christopher ‘Knxtti’ Green is essentially a multidisciplinary artist. The artist focuses on contradictions of the human experience, the transition of man from physical to digital beings, and social commentary using pop culture icons as references. Those in the art community will be familiar with his paintings of Skeletons, which represent a Skinless Humanity.
In early 2021, he entered the NFT scene. He has seen great success in the space, even helping other artists struggling to take off. The EVOL NFT collection’s KidEight and also Dee Cosey both credit Knxtti as the catalyst for their success in the digital space. This kind of community is exactly what the NFT space is about.
Prior to NFTs, the PopShop Local program has been working with various brands to connect with their high-spending customers. This can be in all sorts of high-traffic areas, including hotels, malls, airports, convention centers, etc.
In addition, the program also caters to entrepreneurs by providing future-ready retail solutions. This gives a convenient turnkey solution, allowing rapid expansion and incredible customer experiences.
Through these PopShops, businesses have easy access to powerful sales data to help them make wiser business decisions. More importantly, businesses will not have to face the many problems in traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets.
The PopCom team is led by founder and CEO, Dawn Dickson. As an e-commerce entrepreneur herself, she understands that data is the foundation of her business success. Through PopCom’s business solutions, many others will have access to critical data insights moving forward.
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Bryan is a content writer based in Malaysia. Aside from food and sports, his interests include blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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