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The biggest cricket NFT platform in the world, Rario, has began a never-before-seen player card pack drop. It only took a few minutes for the drop to sell out since cricket fans enjoyed it so much. And what’s even more intriguing is that a lot of people who had reserved the pack couldn’t obtain it since there weren’t enough of them!
However, everyone who is a fan has another chance to receive what they missed the first time. As promised, Rario is planning another pack drop, which will debut on August 8. Make sure to mark your calendars as soon as possible because many fans will be waiting in line to obtain these exquisitely created player cards. Make certain you don’t miss it.
Like the previous one, the drop will feature cards of players who will be taking part in the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL). But this time, it will be available at a cheap price as the categories of cards in this drop are Silver and Bronze! Isn’t that exciting? Of course, it is– Rario, the ultimate destination for cricket fandom, cares for every single fan out there.
These player cards are going to be your key to entering the Cricket Strategy Game– a tool that is here to revolutionise the cricket gaming experience forever. It isn’t just another game but a one-of-its-kind game, where fans could win prizes up to USD 125K (INR 1 Crore)! The game will be launched with the start of CPL 2022.
However, the only way you will be eligible to play this game is by owning Rario’s player card NFTs– which is what this pack drop is all about. Those with cards will be able to join eligible contests in the Cricket Strategy Game game for FREE and win different prizes including the Rario NFTs. Also, the card holders would be able to enter the different contests using the same cards– if cards meet the eligibility!
One thing that you must take into account is that the player cards are available in different tiers; the higher tier of cards you own, the more your chances of winning prizes. 
So, what’s in this new pack drop and at how much can you avail it? 
The Cricket Carnival Advantage Pack featuring 3 BRONZE and 3 SILVER cards will be available at $25 (INR 1900 approx)
The Cricket Carnival Debut Pack featuring 6 BRONZE cards will be available at $9 (INR 710 approx)
The reservations for the pack drop have started, head over to to reserve your packs now!
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