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HONG KONG, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Non-fungible token (NFT) fans in Hong Kong can mark their calendars, as one of the most hyped NFT events is taking place in real life in Hong Kong.
The global cross-platform content giant 9GAG is announcing its first steps into Web3 through its first NFT collection: Memeland, and is bringing the Memeland treasure map to a real-life exhibition! Taking place in Times Square, Hong Kong, from July 30, 2022, the eight-week-long Memeland Exhibition allows audiences to experience a pirate adventure packed with games, the metaverse, NFTs, and what 9GAG is most known for – memes. There will also be a physical NFT wall highlighting the hottest NFTs, including NFT brand collaborations with 9GAG, available for public view.
"9GAG has always endeavored to make the world a happier place, be it through memes or other creative content. And our new ‘Memeland’ is no different. Today, we are delighted to join hands with Refinable in this metaverse project to empower web2 creators entering the fantastical world of Web3. Let the fun begin," said Kevin Kwong, General Manager of 9GAG.
Refinable as the exclusive NFT marketplace partner
As the exclusive NFT marketplace sponsor, Refinable brings the best of the NFT world to the Memeland Exhibition by featuring three of the hottest NFT projects in the market: InBetweeners hand drawn by GianPiero D’Allesandro and backed by Justin Bieber,  the high fashion HAPE apes, and the legendary Sun WuKong from Monkey Kingdom. These three prominent projects have all generously offered one NFT each for display at the Exhibition and for giveaway to one lucky winner. So watch the space and check out their collections on site.
On top of that, to celebrate this special occasion, Refinable is launching 100 event-exclusive pirate-themed NFTs. These 100 NFT holders will embark on a guided adventure with Refinable, alongside InBetweeners, HAPE, and Monkey Kingdom, to explore the Memeland map and games. Refinable will host a series of campaigns and activities for 100 lucky participants to engage and claim the NFTs for free. More benefits and utilities will be announced shortly, so be sure to follow Refinable’s social accounts for the latest updates.
Refinable’s Creator Suite
Refinable has the same mission as 9GAG: to empower creators and brands to get into the web3 space and create authentic customer engagement through curated NFT experiences. With Refinable’s Creator Suite, creators can effortlessly launch, market, and manage their NFT campaigns with its ready-made and no-code solution.
"Together with 9GAG, we’re excited to provide a bridge to Web3 for the world’s largest content creator platform, and demonstrate different NFT use cases for web2 creators who are looking at the space," said Nick Chan, Co-Founder of Refinable.
Before it’s forgotten…
Come find Refinable at the Memeland Exhibition in real life! Don’t forget to follow its social accounts for more updates and chances to win NFTs, and more.
If one is ready to launch an authentic NFT campaign or is interested in collaborating with Refinable for in-real-life events, don’t hesitate to reach out to
About Refinable
Refinable is the go-to Web3 platform for creators to manage new and existing NFT ventures. With its comprehensive suite of business tools, Refinable empowers entrepreneurs and brands to better set up, launch, and engage their web3 endeavors. Easily manage new and existing collections, instantly monetize any white-label marketplace, seamlessly embed a fiat/on-chain checkout, or seamlessly activate token gated benefits, all within our ready-made end-to-end NFT business platform.
Refinable is also active in creating avenues for onboarding education and connecting people through digital assets in Web3 eCommerce for all scales: from individual creators to retail partners, and from crypto curious to crypto veterans. Refinable has previously worked with Digital Art Fair Asia, the Museum of Digital Art, and more to promote and empower digital creators.
About Memeland
Announced in April 2022, Memeland is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs by 9GAG. Each Memeland PFP unlocks private club membership, exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace, IRL events, upcoming 9GAG drops and projects, and more. At the start of July, MEMELAND announced its latest allowlist raffle for POTATOZ, one of many NFT collections to come out of MEMELAND.
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