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In an ironic twist, NFT watchdog Rug Pull Finder (RPF) fell victim to a smart contract exploit of its own.
As discussed on our Twitter space's earlier today –

We messed up. We messed up big. Our contract had a flaw that allowed 2 people to scoop up over 450 NFTs.

Here is what we are doing to fix it 🧵
Rug Pull Finder investigates alleged scams upon request and updates the crypto community via Twitter. In its latest update, it lets users know that two people exploited a technical flaw in their own project during the free mint stage.
This resulted in the exploiters managing to get over 450 NFTs out of a total of 1221 in short order.
This free mint, titled “Bad Guys”, featured artworks of NFT “scammers accidentally let loose on the blockchain”. This digital art was supposed to serve as a whitelist for RPF’s upcoming NFT drop later this autumn.
Since it was supposed to serve as a whitelist, the minting was supposed to be limited to one per wallet.
The team at RPF admitted their mistake in not having an independent third party audit the project, resulting in the compromised whitelist mint. The developers responsible for this mess have also been let go.
The team worked quickly to negotiate a deal with the exploiters. The exploiters will give back 366 NFTs in exchange for 2.5 ETH.
The remaining 84 NFTs will remain with the bug exploiters, at least for now.
RPF points out that the exploiters “did negotiate in good faith and allow us to come to a reasonable solution with them.”
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