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By | Jun 10, 2022
CHANNEL: Customer Experience
Salesforce has launched an NFT Cloud pilot. This news comes despite some controversy over the offering in the Salesforce community and its employees.
“The biggest criticism comes from the fact that blockchain, Ethereum and NFTs require a large amount of energy to sustain the decentralized platform,” Salesforce pundit Ben McCarthy wrote in February when the topic first surfaced. “Researchers estimate that a single NFT’s footprint is over 200 kilograms of carbon, which is the equivalent of driving 500 miles in a gas-powered car.”
The other criticism? Employees called out NFTs as “unregulated, highly speculative financial assets, which is intertwined with the fact that NFT scams are rife,” according to McCarthy.
Despite that, Salesforce months later has moved forward with its NFT investment. When releasing the recent news about NFTs, the company wrote that it’s “deeply committed to creating technology with ethics and inclusion built in. Our Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology actively partners with our product and engineering teams to approach product development with intention, identifying risks and innovating new solutions with our values at the core.”
Its principles for the development of products in the Web3 space include:
“Aligned with these principles, we are building security and trust into every layer of the NFT Cloud pilot, including audited smart contract templates to protect sellers and buyers; branded first-party marketplaces to provide controlled, secure checkout experiences; and fraud prevention tools to help keep your brand’s NFTs out of the hands of bots and bad actors,” Salesforce officials wrote.
NFT Cloud is currently in pilot and will be generally available at a later date. It will not support proof-of-work blockchains and will automatically calculate carbon emissions of blockchain options, and will allow the user to offset the emissions through trusted, high-quality carbon credits, according to company officials.
In other customer experience and digital marketing software news circles…
Qualtrics, which provides experience management, has announced Course Evaluations, a solution that aims to help schools improve teaching, student engagement and retention via feedback. Qualtrics Course Evaluations includes customizable evaluations that students can respond to via email or a learning management system.
“Schools are still adapting to the seismic changes of the pandemic. Their task now is to dial in to the experiences students are having — in and out of the classroom — that will keep them engaged in learning,” Omar Garriott, global head of education at Qualtrics, said in a press release.
“Students demand it,” he added. “Waiting weeks or months to collect course and instructor feedback is a thing of the past. Qualtrics helps schools understand and take action on what students are saying more often as we all push forward into a new normal of teaching and learning.”
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Genesys, at its Xperience ’22 conference, announced it expanded its existing orchestration capabilities with deeper customer journey analytics.
New offerings are available to businesses using the Genesys Cloud CX and Genesys Multicloud CX platforms. It includes a Pointillist Contact Center Optimization solution to unlock data, visualize journeys and measure the impact of customer behavior on their outcomes.
“Businesses today are competing on the value they provide customers and the ability to help them achieve their goals,” Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager of Genesys Cloud CX, said in a press release. “By extending our orchestration capability with deeper customer journey analytics, we’re making it easier to uncover and employ insights so companies can break down every barrier standing between people and great experiences.”
Movable Ink, a content personalization provider, has unveiled Da Vinci, an AI-driven content personalization engine. It made the announcement at its annual Think Summit conference.
“Between ever-changing consumers’ tastes and needs, and the laborious work required of brands to reach every customer, the marketer’s struggle has become insurmountable,” Vivek Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Movable Ink, said in a press release.
“Existing campaign processes are outdated and focus on next-best actions and short-term customer value,” Sharma continued, “leaving revenue and relationship-building opportunities on the table. Current approaches drive short-term, limited results in lieu of maximizing engagement and long-term revenue. Da Vinci pursues a longer-term, mutually beneficial strategy that leads to higher customer lifetime value — a game-changer for brands worldwide.”
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