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The first NFT MarketPlace on SEOR Network will launch the first version of its functionality in June. SEORSEA is a dApp developed by Zack X, an early technical contributor to SEOR Network, led by his technical team through the Low Code Development Platform (LDCP). After the SEOR team completed the initial stage of the technical construction of LCDP, Zack X decided to develop a platform, SEORSEA, to verify the usability, convenience, and functionality of LCDP for dApp development. 
There is also no doubt that in the overall development of the first stage of SEORSEA, the technical team of SEOR Network also provides great support for the technical side. In the process of developing SEORSEA through LCDP, SEORSEA adopts the standard contract provided by the LCDP, which saves a lot of technical development costs in contract design, development, deployment, configuration, and statistical analysis of data. Therefore, it is verified that LCDP provides convenient and rapid iteration functions for project development.
On the other hand, SEORSEA generates a series of mystery boxes with Merkel proof through LCDP, which means once the mystery box is generated, the stuff in the mystery box is confirmed and cannot be modified, that is, the mystery box is completely generated by random numbers, and decentralization will be truly realized.
When SEORSEA is launched, the first season of SEORSEA mystery box activity will be launched as well. As the dApp of the SEOR Network ecosystem, SEORSEA will definitely bring a bright new functional experience to the users of the SEOR Network. In order to thank the early supporters of the SEOR Network, SEORSEA will provide the early supporters with the opportunity to participate in the activity. So stay tuned!
You might be wondering why we chose the seal as our mascot. The reason is as simple as that the pronunciation of SEAL and SEOR are similar. On the basis of this, the first season of SEORSEA mystery box, Galaxy Fantasy, uses a seal as the design basis and is mainly characterized by cosmic elements, with the eight planets of the solar system as the theme. Galaxy Fantasy, meanwhile, expresses commitment to creating a unique metaverse world.
After several versions of testing, SEORSEA decided to launch the first official version at the end of June. The first version will launch the functions of opening the mystery box, and more functions will be launched in the course of time. Galaxy Fantasy is the first theme of SEORSEA, and in the future, we will design more interesting themes. Apart from that, we will also launch the joint NFT with the well-known IP, which is possibly selected through voting from community users. 
After SEOR goes live, $SEOR will become the consumption token for the ecological development of SEORSEA, which will be carried out in all application scenarios, including the use of certification, scenarios consumption, scenarios rewards, etc. In addition, SEORSEA NFT will bring more corresponding rights in the future, and combine more application scenarios to empower the value of NFT, aiming to create a distinctive Web3 NFT platform. SEORSEA looks forward to meeting you all!


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