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This year's Shark Week, which starts on July 24, is filled with plenty of fantastic content on Discovery and the channel's streaming platform, Discovery+, but along with all of the regular shark programs, there is a new, unexpected part of this year's event: NFTs. 
Some of the exciting new Shark-focused content you can catch this year include Great White BattlegroundMega Predators of Oz, and Extinct or Alive Jaws of Alaska, and now you can also get some exclusive shark NFTs while you enjoy them all!
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Discovery announced that they are teaming up with Nifty's, an NFT community platform, to give Shark Week aficionados the opportunity "to purchase NFTs, to claim free NFTs for watching SHARK WEEK content and to earn exclusive merchandise and rewards by participating in the program."
According to a press release about the event, fans will be able to purchase five special NFTs through the Nifty's platform, starting on July 20 and going until July 31. 
But if you aren't looking to buy any NFTs, there will also be seven free NFTs available throughout Shark Week, as QR codes will pop up during various programming. Each of these NFTs will be available to claim for 24 hours.
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The NFT program from Discovery offers an extra incentive to get people to collect all 12 NFTs, as anyone who has all of them at the end of the period will receive access to exclusive Shark Week merchandise and other rewards. 
The press release states that the five purchasable NFTs will have a "trading card look" and "are inspired by five of the most loved shark species: the great white shark, everyone’s favorite super predator, the unmistakable hammerhead shark, the goblin shark, the whale shark, the gentle giant and ocean’s biggest fish and the frilled shark who has been around since the dinosaurs."
The free NFTs will have a slightly different design and feature species like the bull shark, tiger shark, and mako shark. Discovery also announced that it will donate $5,000 to the nonprofit Beneath the Waves, which focuses on ocean conservation.
So, for anyone obsessed with Shark Week on Discovery, this NFT program is just for you. 
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“This screenshot did more for the bear than any advertising could,” one user tweeted.


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