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Jul 19, 2022, 09:05 ET
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Utility-based Slick City NFT is cutting-edge fashion on a social mission. 
SAN FRANCISCO , July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Slick City (SC), an innovative NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain, is set to release its first set of utility-based non-fungible tokens – a collection of 4,444 unique, next-generation, high-fashion, half-human/half-alien collectibles – with the aim of bringing a fresh, compelling, and inclusive air to the NFT realm.
Not your grandma’s fashion house. Bringing equality to the future – in style. Social causes, a DAO, and beyond!
Led by fashion and media influencer Lea Lorraine, the project is built around a sci-fi-themed futuristic setting, founded on elevated principles of equality, identity and governance. Slick City prioritizes these crucial pillars in creating an egalitarian metaverse where citizens can be themselves regardless of their color, gender identity, clothing style or way of thinking.
Lea’s tremendous flair for fashion have enabled Slick City to produce the most innovative pieces of clothing and accessories for its citizens. SC fashion innovations will be released on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and offered in both digital and physical forms – NFT holders get to enjoy limited-supply drops of upgradable, top-tier NFT fashion pieces. Slick City also plans to showcase and sell digital accessories in metaverse fashion shows via platforms such as Victoria VR. The holder of the digital NFT will be the sole registered owner of the associated physical collectible, in a unique and value-adding twinship of the digital and physical.
This project isn’t just offering NFTs; it’s kickstarting a community. Slick City NFT holders will be able to interact with like-minded individuals in a safe space where they can freely network and participate in discussions on gender and racial equality, LGBTQIA rights, mental health, environmental consciousness and other issues affecting the community, with active moderators to ensure discussions run smoothly. Members can also access real-life and virtual SC events where they can meet and connect with others in the same sphere. Holding a Slick City NFT makes you a member of the SC community. You’ll be able to collaborate with others and vote on businesses proposed by SC citizens through a hybrid-DAO governance model known as Slick City Democracy. You will also be able to provide input and resources to help Slick City evolve.
But the vision of Slick City founders goes beyond releasing groundbreaking NFTs or building a strong, supportive community. The project is intended to enact social change by supporting charities that align with its core values of inclusivity, diversity, equality, and environmental consciousness. When SC has amassed its first 4,444 citizens, a portion of the proceeds (10% of initial mint and 0.5% of secondary sales) will be donated to charities like Clean Air Task Force, Girls Not Brides, Planned Parenthood and National Center For Transgender Equality. And this is just the beginning. Slick City pledges to include a charity component in its future releases to support even more causes.
To learn more and join the movement, visit the Slick City Discord or the Slick City website.
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