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An exciting new NFT collection is about to drop and the center of it all – French Bulldog Isabella.
Presented by Iconic Izzys
Social media is an enormous part of the everyday lives of people worldwide. Because of the magnitude of the audience that is globally accessible through social media channels, many have now become international stars. And we’re not only talking about people, this includes pets, babies, and even imaginary friends in the form of rocks and twigs.
The global stage that social media opens up has allowed creators to express themselves in new and exciting ways. One example of such a surprise star is the French Bulldog named Isabella. She broke the internet all the way back in 2017 by becoming one of the most famous Instagram dogs out there. Now, she’s moving on to conquer new heights by entering the crypto world.
While social media has given more creators than ever access to a global audience, the medium has its drawbacks. Most importantly, creators are looking for better ways to authenticate their content and secure profit when what they’ve created is viewed or used.
Notoriously, social media influencers do not make money from views, but rather from sponsorships. However, there is a vicious cycle where sponsors only target influencers who attract a lot of views.
To escape from this broken system, more and more influencers are turning to the capabilities of blockchain technology and the opportunities Web3 offers. Most prominently, creators are seeking out ways to authenticate their work through non-fungible tokens.
The NFT space has also opened up a new way for celebrities to interact with their fans.
For example, social media influencer Irene Zhao launched her own DAO, accessible only to collectors who had an NFT from her collection.
The latest to join the Web3 movement is the adorable French Bulldog Isabella. With more than 1 million Instagram followers, Isabella is bound to attract a lot of eyeballs to her upcoming NFT drop.
Iconic Izzys will be a generative drop composed of unique NFT designs of Izzy herself, brilliantly crafted by The Doge Pound, the legendary NFT project that generated nearly 30,000 Ether (ETH) in total volume on OpenSea.
The Iconic Izzys NFT drop is a celebration for pet lovers everywhere. In addition to her Instagram account, Izzy has over 675,000 TikTok followers and is looking forward to rewarding her fans with the generosity and loyalty one would expect from a “man’s best friend.”
With the help of Animal Concerts, Cointelegraph, and The Doge Pound, Izzy is confident that through her NFT collection, she can give back the unconditional love her fans have shown her! What is more, the social media star will become part of an even bigger community of crypto enthusiasts by launching her first Web3 project.
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