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The first Tamadoge NFT auction is live. The auction is scheduled to last seven days, and bids are quickly rising on OpenSea. Some NFTs in the collection have already reached offers above 1.8 ETH on day one, as investors aim to challenge the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection’s 10x launch.
Attention #TamadogeArmy!📣#Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs Are Up For Sale Now!🤩
Start Price: 1 WETH
Listing Type: Fixed Time Auction
Auction Length: 7 days
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— TAMADOGE (@Tamadogecoin) October 6, 2022
The NFTs that went up for auction are from the Super-Rare collection, with 100 NFTs up for grabs in this exclusive category. The Super-Rare NFTs provide boosted features for Tamadoge pets when battling.
The auction started October 6th, and the highest bid for the NFTs has already reached 1.8 ETH, currency worth almost $2,500.
The collection will total 21,100 NFTs, split into Super-Rare, Rare, and Common categories.

A selection of BAYC NFTs on OpenSea
It seems that investors are doing their best to get their hands on the Super-Rare NFTs as they believe they could challenge the 10x returns that the BAYC collection produced.
The highly popular BAYC was launched in April 2021, starting at 0.08 ETH. The NFTs began to gain momentum when highly respected Twitter-based NFT collectors started to promote the project. After that, the entire 10,000 NFT collection sold out within 12 hours.
From there, it was only upward momentum for the NFTs. BAYC quickly gained a 10x return from launch prices as investors started to pay 0.8 ETH. Then, it continued to 10x over and over as buyers flogged out 8 ETH, then 80 ETH, with the most expensive BAYC NFT, number #2087, being sold for an extraordinary 287 ETH in September 2021.
Well, it seems that the Tamadoge Super-Rare collection aims to replicate the success of BAYC. It might not continue to 10x as BAYC did, but an initial 10x is undoubtedly on the table for initial investors. In addition, only 100 Super-Rare NFTs are available, making them all extremely scarce and highly desirable in the Tamadoge ecosystem.

The NFTs launched on OpenSea on October 6th
The NFTs are required to participate in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem, which allows holders to breed, train, and battle their little Tamadoge NFT Pets.
In particular, the Super-Rare NFTs give owners up to a 90% better chance of placing in the top 3 on the global leaderboards compared with the rare and common NFTs. Players that rank at the top of the leaderboard each month can claim their prizes from the monthly dogepool.
The NFTs come with a unique feature in which there is an animated 3D model associated with it. This 3D model allows the owner to utilize their Tamadoge Pet as an avatar in pre-existing partnered metaverses. Holders can also use them in the Tamaverse itself once it’s launched.
Further down the line, Tamadoge also intends to launch an Augmented Reality application, allowing users to interact with their pets as if they were in the same room. This will likely kickstart a massive trend, similar to what the Pokemon franchise achieved when it released the Pokemon Go AR app.

Bids already passing 1.9 ETH, 1-day after going live
The growth of the Tamadoge ecosystem has been genuinely overwhelming. Just eight days after launching the TAMA token on the top-tier exchange OKX, the price managed to surge by over 800%. Furthermore, it provided gains of around 1,800% for early pre-sale buyers.
The momentum has decreased slightly as the TAMA token begins a much-needed retracement following its parabolic growth.
However, considering the sheer size of the community, with almost 60,000 in its Telegram chat, we can expect the bidding to go well beyond 1.8 ETH in the coming days. As an estimation, some of the NFTs from the super-rare collection are likely to hit bids of 5 ETH and upward, with the rarest in the collection likely to surpass 10 ETH, producing a 10x return from the 1 ETH starting price.

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