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Sep 27, 2022, 08:00 ET
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SÃO PAULO, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tero Labs has signed a collaboration agreement with NFT to work together on Rough Diamonds, a creative connection between Web3 and the sports scene. These Rough Diamonds have been identified as the most gifted next-gen Brazilian Football stars, as scouted by Tero Labs. A series of 1,111 NFTs representing these young athletes, 101 of each Rough Diamond, will be released soon (“Rough Diamond NFTs“). Through ownership of these Rough Diamond NFTs, Tero Labs will unleash opportunities for NFT holders to connect with the players as they move up on the global football ladder. Collectors will be offered the unique opportunity to be associated with an incredibly promising journey through rewards such as experiences with players, memorabilia, and much more.
This new collaboration is designed to offer the best experience for athletes, fans, and collectors alike. To kick off these Rough Diamond NFTs, Tero Labs and NFT will jointly develop an exclusive football Jersey in the form of an exclusive NFT collection for the Rough Diamonds team. There will be 300 digital jerseys, available only at NFT. Buyers of these digital jerseys NFTs will be eligible for advanced and exclusive privileged access opportunities to buy the Rough Diamond NFTs. Additionally, holders of “Sapphire” editions of the jerseys will enjoy a discount on purchasing the Rough Diamonds NFTs as well as an increased probability of receiving the rarest tier of Rough Diamond NFTs when those are made available for purchase.
“Brazilian Football is referenced around the world. The best Brazilian players are known and worshipped around the planet and have forged the history of the sport. These great idols were once young prospects – dreamers like all of us,” said Bruno Pessoa, CEO and co-founder of Tero Labs. “We offer collectors the opportunity to own exclusive pieces from these future stars with the bonus for them to be part of this journey. Athletes who we’ve selected and the collectors around the world will get the best from sport and web3.”
About Tero Labs: Tero Labs is a spin-off from the startup Tero which was created from a partnership with La Liga, the professional football league in Spain. Tero Labs has just announced its board of advisors and investors with well-known names from the sports industry and the crypto universe such as Alain Yacine, an active crypto investor and advisor to some renowned Web 3 companies; Marcelo Sampaio from Hashdex; Ricardo Dias from Adventures; and, Marcos Motta, a legal specialist in Sports. The lineup of founders for Tero includes André Costa and Rafael Dante, and Media Monks executives, Ariel Alexandre, and the CEO Bruno Pessoa.
About Rough Diamonds: Tero Labs has launched the Rough Diamonds NFT collection. This collection will feature young athletes that are projected to feature in the Brazilian National Team for the FIFA World Cup in 2030. These NFTs with each of the players come with the potential of a unique experience for collectors: To be part of these young gems’ journey towards the top of the world.  Moving forward, future Rough Diamonds NFT collections will aspire to feature future stars from famous Football Nations like Argentina, Spain, England, and many others.
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