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The crypto world has been affected by a few extremely stressful changes. The crypto crash in May, the changes it caused, and the shocks about the value of the most popular cryptocurrencies left severe consequences. Now, people are not willing to invest in crypto like before or look for other models for investing, changing the way they consider crypto a currency. Luckily, all the above is just a current reaction, and it is for sure that things will come back after a while.
However, people are not interested in the same crypto anymore. They are turned into more exciting models for investing, looking for earning, and the fun at the same time. The NFT crypto market has exploded in a few months, opening new ways of investing in crypto. You can take advantage of it by investing in suitable models of cryptos in months to come.
The three new P2E games, NFT currencies, and cryptocurrencies with high values are Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block. All three have fantastic potential to double your investment quickly, attracting numerous new buyers for a short period. 
To be honest, NFT has always had its buyers, but in the past months, it has become much different and more applicable for new investors. Developers have created games that mostly attract players but include NFT as an investing model. Those games offer excellent investment potential, creating an online world of creatures, beings, and unique models for upgrading. In that way, players create their online avatars, making unique models that raise outstanding value. It means you can play for fun, create your unique avatar, and earn money by selling it. You can get these options in these three rising crypto stars: Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block.
One of the best parts, Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block, has impressive potential to raise the value of the tokens by investing in their avatars. On the other hand, it will retain players entertained for a long time, which increases the value shortly. They have numerous additions that will keep even the beginners in these games excited. It seems that they will make it almost impossible to raise the price constantly, independently from the crypto market and most popular currencies.  
Although the first aim of Tamadoge’s developers is to create an NFT cryptocurrency, it has the potential to grow into it. The native token TAMA raised $19 million in an impressively short time, proving that it has the potential to multiply your money. The first million sold quickly, and the presale ended much earlier than developers had planned. Now, it is offered on a centralized exchange (CEX) called OKX (previously called OKEx). For those that cannot approach centralized exchange, there is DEX, a decentralized exchange that will provide the same offer.  
The base of the Tamadoge is a P2E game where the player invests in the pet, creating a new avatar inside the game. It is possible that you can change its appearance to the point when it becomes a unique NFT, which players can sell. Players can purchase additions and accessories or create their own. All can bring impressive earnings in only a few steps. After the player creates an avatar, he can sell it, too, although we assume that it will not be the case that often. The game is so attractive and entertaining that giving up your favorite pet will be hard. 
The game is based on growing the pet, where the player buys, nurtures, and feeds it until adulthood. During that time, he can battle with other players, bringing money. Each winning moves the player up on the leaderboard, so new places on it earn money. Creators have experience with previous similar games, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, with the same basic model with a pet. However, they have learned a lot from the previous games, upgrading the model to the levels that new players will like much more. Developers had great giveaways, too, with some highly high awards, like the $100.000 giveaway that just finished. There will be more of the same in the future. 
It is for sure that the game will attract an impressive number of new players and keep them entertained for a long time. All will keep the value at a high level, avoiding unexpected drops and fluctuations while the value is high. The number of 20k members on the Telegram group and more than 70k followers on Twitter promises high interest for this currency and, indeed, an excellent future for the players of this game. You can become one of them after a straightforward procedure and catch the opportunity to double your investment. 
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After the impressive start, Battle Infinity teased the market with novelties and upgrades. You can be sure that this P2E game will have a great future, as the first numbers and information show. The game is based on battling with other online players in one of the rich virtual worlds. The players are NFT tokens, where players create a unique model, and all players increase the price of their NFT tokens. Battling moves the player up on the leaderboard, as on Tamadoge, and keeps the player motivated to improve their look and appearance. Players can get involved in various avenues, like Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports league, crypto stake, or NFT trade. 
IBAT has a 10 billion market cap supply as a BEP-20. You can find it on Pancake Swap, applied on the CEX listing. Also, if you cannot approach CEX, they have offered the same token on DEX so everybody can buy it. Join this fantastic game and become the owner of one of the most potential tokens in the NFT world. You will indeed have an opportunity to show the impressive talent of creating the avatars in it!
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Lucky Block is the right place for you if you are not interested in playing the game but more in waiting for luck. Created as the model of online lottery, Lucky Block is not a classic game. However, you can create your avatars and their appearance on the market. It also had an impressive whoop in value in previous months, and new buyers have appeared quickly. 
The currency players can buy on Binance smart chain, where it operates, leveraged on the blockchain protocol. Even the buyers in parts of the world that do not have an approach to centralized exchange will be able to buy LBLOCK on a decentralized one and become a member of one of the lucky communities. The currency is listed on LBank, entirely free from fees. BLOCK is a great model for creating a sustainable financial plan. 
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Thanks to the changes that happened with TAMA in the past weeks, it ended presale much earlier than they had planned. TAMA is now listed on OKX as a centralized exchange (CEX) as of 13:00 on September 23rd, so purchasing is much easier. On decentralized exchange (DEX), you have also been able buy it since 17:00 on September 27th. Join in and wait for the significant advantages that this game offers. One of them is a mystery box with a value of $10.000.
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As the crypto world has faced many challenges, buyers have turned to new types of currencies and investments. In those circumstances, NFT has played the most crucial role in making the world of creations more attractive to new investors. However, you should not be an artist to track the NFT market. Thanks to the games like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block, you can create your players and avatars and sell them as the most valuable tokens. Use this opportunity to invest in one of the most potential cryptocurrencies in the market now!

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