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The Crypt Gallery returns with a new curated lineup of artists, each with unique backgrounds, artistic styles and approaches, yet all focused on sharing stories through their individual perspective and lens.
We welcome Esra Eslen, Turkish illustrator and graphic designer, for her genesis drop on Nifty Gateway. The relationship with Esra initially started when King of Midtown collected her work on other platforms. Captured and drawn in by the color scheme and details, King was later mesmerized by the narrative and morbid interpretation of daily scenes. Introducing this rare combination of colors, common societal moments, normalized violence, disorder and storytelling, we introduce NG collectors to an artist we personally believe in and have already invested in. Releasing 15 editions, Esra’s work is available as a ranked auction starting at 6:30 pm est.
American street photographer, Jake Inez, also debuts for his genesis drop on NG. Also capturing moments of daily life, yet in a completely different medium and style, Jake’s intentional usage of light, angles, and composition glamorize common environments and evoke sentimental reactions from viewers. Jake’s previous work is in the hands of notable collectors, and he has collaborated on multiple major shoots and campaigns. King and Jake originally met in Los Angeles, quickly connecting over art and culture. Specifically drawn to Jake’s skateboarding and lifestyle, King later introduced him to Miguel and their relationship continues to organically grow. Releasing two artworks, each an edition of 20, Jake rewards King of Midtown Gold and Platinum holders with early access beginning at 6:00pm est – 6:15 pm est. Artworks will then transition at 6:30 pm est for public access.
Returning to Nifty Gateway, Chicago based photographer, Jason Peterson, captures moments and stories using a dramatically different approach and style. Known for his infamous black and white photos, Jason has collaborated with leading brands and musicians to build campaigns based on his unique style and abilities. Mastering negative space, contrast and clarity, Jason pulls inspiration from the urban environment around him. As a collector and fan, King has always been captivated by Jason’s style of photography. Releasing part 1 of an ongoing collection, Jason’s three artworks, each an edition of 15, tell the story of falling without fear. Focused on rewarding previous collectors and King of Midtown Gold and Platinum holders, early access begins at 6:00pm est – 6:15 pm est. Artworks will then transition at 6:30 pm est for public access.
Artists: Jake Inez, Jason Peterson, Esra Eslen
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Date: August 18, 2022
Drop Time: 
Collection Title: Elevate 4.0
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About The Crypt Gallery:
As an early collector in the space, King of Midtown had the concept of bringing NFTs and the digital marketplace to an IRL (in-real-life) and mainstream location. With the aim of educating and providing mass exposure to the NFT community as a whole, he specifically targeted the hospitality industry. As founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery, King has established himself as a well known leader, curator, advisor, community builder and innovator in the space. With a record breaking membership drop, KOM has built a global community and recently purchased 3’s Company, a team in the BIG3 league founded by Ice Cube. 
Within the past year, The Crypt Gallery, world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry, has created two permanent and bi-coastal locations at Dream Hollywood + Dream Downtown. Large scale curations and gallery takeovers have been hosted at these locations for Trevor Jones, Ice Cube, Silly Gabe, Liam Payne, Zedd and Micah Johnson’s Aku. Some additional partnerships include creating main showcases for Christie’s Auction House NYC and Infinity Art + Tech Festival. 
Join us at The Crypt Gallery in Los Angeles and New York City for an IRL drop experience! 
Dream Hollywood: 6417 Selma Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028 
Dream Downtown: 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011
Artist Bios
Name: Esra Eslen
Bio: She’s Istanbul based, 22 years old illustrator, graphic designer, artist. She is studying graphic design in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Her narration focuses on fear, chaotic elements and the violence. Prefers to describe the feeling of fear and horror in a ridiculous way with childish colors and scenes.

Name: Jake Inez
Bio: Jake Inez is an American photographer with roots in Southern California. His work has a cinematic feel with elements that suggest a deeper underlying story. His photographs romanticize everyday life. The familiar composition of his work accompanied by the significance placed on color, light, and motion, create a dreamlike image leaving a viewer filled with warmth and a desire to see more.
Early Access 6:00 – 6:15 pm est
King of Midtown Gold: early access to Curtain Call only
King of Midtown Platinum: early access to all 2 artworks
*** 1 membership = 1 entry. Multiple entries allowed.
Public Access 6:30 pm est: if still available, drop transitions into a FCFS, open to the public
Name: Jason Peterson
Bio: Jason M. Peterson (@jasonmpeterson) | Chicago, IL Jason Peterson is a master of black and white street photography. Drawing inspiration from urban landscape and the human condition within it, Jason captures moments that are sharp in clarity and alluring in contrast. Negative space is used effortlessly and the faceless subjects flow perfectly in each image. Influenced by iconic photographers of the past, Jason creates smooth and powerful compositions that breed a dark and mysterious fantasy. Jason has been tapped by some of the world’s leading brands (e.g. Adidas, Dom Perignon, NHL, Chicago Bulls, Bloomingdales and Volvo), as well as, musicians (ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, G Eazy, Chance the Rapper and Diplo) to collaborate on campaigns based on his signature photos and 1.1M Instagram followers.
Early Access 6:00 – 6:15 pm est
King of Midtown Gold: early access to falling from grace only
King of Midtown Platinum: early access to all 3 artworks
All Jason Peterson previous collectors: early access to all 3 artworks
*** 1 membership/artwork = 1 entry. Multiple entries allowed
Public Access 6:30 pm est: if still available, drop transitions into a FCFS, open to the public
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