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The world coolest ice cube character CubeMelt with an international fanbase is coming to the Meltiverse. The established character is about to grace the Ethereum Blockchain with a 8,888-piece NFT collection.
The CubeMelts was created by Animagine, a team of technologists, entrepreneurs, artists and storytellers. The whole collection features the creator and lead illustrator, Ven Wong’s, lovable ice cube character. What was once a webcomic, CubeMelt is now the main character of an animated series. In fact, season 2 launches in 2023! Now, this fan-favourite ice cube brand steps into Web 3, aiming to strengthen their original community whilst extending ownership to its international fanbase.
The CubeMelts holders will own a piece of the CubeMelt brand. To explain, each holder will automatically collect ERC-20 tokens weekly. Then, they can exchange the tokens for “frozen assets” such as discounted merchandise, digital/physical collectibles, unique CubeMelt comic panels NFT, and priority access to CubeMelt at ComicCon.
Additionally, early-bird minters will also receive a Poposicle NFT valued at 0.3 ETH.  For those who Max Mint 3 NFT (while stocks last) this NFT will provide a tokenomic enhancing utility.
Created by animation director and illustrator Ven Wong, CubeMelt is the world’s most famous ice cube. He sets off beyond the freezer despite knowing he won’t last long. A reminder of how short and precious life is, the character’s icecapades emphasize the value of time. Accordingly, they highlight why everyone should cherish each moment.
The collection is a spin-off project, beginning with CubeMelt entering malfuctioning portal. Instead of taking him to the North Pole, the portal sends him to a Meltiverse where he meets many more CubeMelts! While figuring out how to return to where they came from, the CubeMelts carry on their spirit of living life to the coolest. Namely, they are bringing joy and hope to each other with their never-say-die attitude.
Join the coolest community of these 8,888 NFTs! Each NFT will cost 0.08ETH. Now you can await the Early Bird Allowlist deadline, as registration starts on 29 August 2022! Then, minting will begin on 29 September 2022. If you want to know more, check out the details on NFT Evening calendar listing.  Plus check out their socials via: Twitter, instagram, Discord and Facebook. Get in now, and try not to miss the boat!
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