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HANOI, Vietnam, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This June of 2022, Oxalus will soon finalize and release the new NFT game wallet, along the journey of carrying out the mission of blockchain mass adoption, making this technology easy, fun, and useful for all users. This is the first NFT game wallet ever released, with the aim of maximum support for the NFT games worldwide. This wallet can perform full functions like a normal crypto wallet such as buying, selling, and swapping tokens on a multi-chain. Besides, the wallet can also perform NFT storage and transfer functions. The special thing about Oxalus Wallet is that it is optimized for NFTs in the Game with the ability to display NFTs vividly and intuitively, providing the optimal experience for NFT owners.
Other outstanding features of Oxalus Wallet compared to other wallets on the market include:
1. Optimal Transaction Speed And Fee
Oxalus came up with a new wallet, with an in-app solution for speed and fee to optimize the experience for each transaction. Because Oxalus team understand that transaction speed and fee are the top two concerns when users are conducting their transactions. With Oxalus, users just need to follow the steps normally, and the wallet itself will automatically optimize the best process for users.
2. Private And Secure
The main function of each wallet is storage and exchange. Oxalus will make all of the user’s assets as protected as possible, giving each person the ability to have full control of their assets. Users can fully understand the status of each asset and make decisions on them in a timely manner to achieve optimal investment efficiency, bringing the greatest ROI.
3. Customize Your Own Wallet Skin As An NFT
A unique feature only available on Oxalus Wallet. Each user’s wallet is their digital profile in the new era of blockchain technology. So, just as each user customizes their profile on each social media platform, they can now do the same with their Oxalus Wallet, making it a fun place to experience, bring the best emotions, and open the door for everyone to the positive things of blockchain, help popularize this technology to the world.
Oxalus Wallet has passed the strict auditing process from Verichains, showing that this is a product with a high reputation and good quality.
The launch of Oxalus Wallet is a new turning point for not only Oxalus but also the entire blockchain industry in general towards bringing this complex technology into extremely practical applications of life. This is one of the key products to help Oxalus achieve the goal of 1 million unique users by 2023.
About Oxalus:
Oxalus is an NFT Platform for Players and Developers. Our main products are Oxalus wallet, Oxalus Tracker, Oxalus Games, and Oxalus Discovery. A comprehensive platform has been built to help players to access the blockchain gaming industry with ease and fun, Guilds & Investors optimize both performance and ROI, and Game studios have access to NFT Game Sector with the most cutting-edge Blockchain technology.
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Oxalus website:
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