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Nifty Gateway, will witness one of the eventful drops as ‘Crypto Art- Begins’, the first Phygital book by NFT Magazine is all set to release on 19th september at 6:30 PM ET. ‘Crypto Art Begins’ which features 50 best Artists from the space, is also the first crypto art book published and distributed by Rizzoli Illustrati Italy and New York. 
Crypto Art Begins by @TheNFTMag 📖

The first physical book about Crypto Art published by @Rizzoli_Books featuring 50 among the best artists in the space

A 24 hour randomized Open Edition will be available Monday, September 19th on #NiftyGateway
The book features big names like Federico Clapis, Angie Taylor, Brendan Dawes, Anne Spalter, Bard Ionson, Dada, Danguiz, David Young, Dot Pigeon, Espen Kluge, Fabio Giampietro, Federico Clapis, George Boya, Giant Swan, Giovanni Motta and others.
Each NFT will cost $999, for a maximum of 1,000 NFTs available for sale, 20 per artist. The total edition will be decided by the sum of the NFTs sold + 250 NFTs (5 per artist) reserved for artists, collectors and partners.
Collectors can mint randomly generated NFTs with the cover designed by one of the 50 artists featured in the ‘Crypto Art-Begins’ book. After the drop ends, the collector will receive NFT.
The collector will have one year to burn the NFT in order to redeem the special edition physical book with the hardcover designed by the same artist. Moreover, even after the burn, the collector will automatically receive a white framed version of the same NFT redeemed indicating the physical book has been redeemed.
There wouldn’t be any additional shipping costs. NFT holders will also have exclusive access to Metaverse and IRL events. NFT owners will also enjoy benefits for the next issue of NFT Magazine.
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