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The internet has taken over the world in these few decades. Its technological advancements have brought a lot of good to our everyday lives. However, the current talk of the town is the Web3 space, which is also known as the blockchain. Many are investing a lot of time into understanding how it works and what can be done to gain their fair share in its development as well.
Many NFT projects are gaining popularity. But it truly takes a unique one to get people’s attention and interest. A group of talented and passionate hockey players and coaches have decided to collaborate and establish their own NFT project known as MetaBeauts. The objective behind it is rewarding for them and the community as well.
Todd Geisler, Graham Geisler, Jamison Geisler, and David Burns are dedicated to building their NFT project, known as MetaBeauts. This vision is to create a premier NFT community for hockey players, coaches, and fans. Being able to give others a space where they connect about something they love motivates the founders greatly.
The MetaBeauts NFT project’s art has been created by the award-winning artist Tony Siruno. His latest project managed to bag an Academy Award and added a lot of value to the MetaBeauts’ collection. Moreover, their team is transparent and has kept their identities public. They strongly believe that building a community requires honesty, and they’re willing to make that happen.
The MetaBeauts founders are people who come from different places in life and have achieved different things. But what brings them together is their love for the sport of hockey and aspiration to bring like-minded people together. MetaBeauts’ team includes an Academy Award-winning artist, a doctor, a tech professional, a financier, and an inventor and entrepreneur. Their individual skills have brought this unique project to life.
Being able to build and launch MetaBeauts has not been easy. Despite each of them working immensely hard, they also had to face multiple setbacks. Learning everything from scratch took a lot of patience but proved worth it. Things in the Web3 space change rapidly, and so did their objectives; thus, dealing with these changes was not straightforward.
Educating people about how NFTs work and how genuine they are is another challenge. None of this was easy to accomplish, but the ability to keep going made it happen. MetaBeauts NFT has a lot of potential and will prove its success to every party involved. Persistence and patience can achieve many things.
The project owners have many aspirations for the company. They want to ensure that hockey is more diverse and accessible as a sport, so this will be part of their larger vision for this project. Being able to bring hockey to different people around the world is what they’re looking forward to.
In addition to that, they also plan to make Meta Sports League (MetaBeauts’ parent company) a Web3 hub for sporting communities. Once this takes place on a global scale, their dream will be fulfilled. Making this happen will take a lot of hard work, but if there’s anyone who can make this happen, it is MetaBeauts‘s team of founders.
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