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Already having amassed over 38,000 Discord Members and a strong following on other social media platforms, all eyes are on MetaRobotica
MetaRobotica, a new-age NFT collection secured on the Ethereum blockchain with next level aesthetic, and cutting edge utility, this project is packed with potential. Already having amassed over 38,000 Discord Members and a strong following on other social media platforms all eyes are on this project in the coming days.
MetaRobotica: A World Of Women Warriors
A total of 8,888 unique NFTs will represent individual women warriors within the MetaRobotica world. Surrounded by darkness and disarray, these ancient women fighters represent the only hope to bring light and peace back into the metaverse. Led by 7 leaders that go by “The Seven” they will all attempt to save mankind. With each warrior being unique in its own body, every holder will have its own true character in the MetaRobotica world.
The Creation
This NFT collection was brought to life by legendary artist Elad Malka, his creative drive and discipline was poured into each and every one of these warriors. This project was conceived of a few months back, and has an extensive roadmap that will bring a ton of utility to its holders, especially within the Meta Robotica world.
Road Map
MetaRobotica aims to build its ecosystem through strong relationships and community trust. With a team of professionals behind the project, and a long term vision this collection could be a huge opportunity.
One of the initial plans for this project is to create a VR NFT Marketplace, where users can interact with one another, purchase and sell NFT’s, and many more exciting features to be announced. Soon after they aim to develop a DAO for governance so that they can fairly delegate voting rights to their users. This is an essential element of any true Web 3/ Metaverse project, and brings a lot of hope to potential investors.
Once the MetaRobotica world is in full service the utility for these NFT’s really comes into play. NFT holders get The RoboCard, which works as a tool for MetaRobotica members to attain ERC-20 tokens – $MROB. The more tokens you can obtain the better eventually leading to large airdrops. You will need to house your NFT in your crypto wallet for about 1 month until the Meta Robotica tram confirms the number of NFT’s you have as an individual in your wallet , then they give you your RoboCard based on this metric.
A big airdrop will then hit the MetaRobotica world which with it will bring customizability and unlock access to spaceship creation which will quickly become a key part of the metaverse. At this stage things will be in full swing.
Soon after this there will be tokenomics introduced into the world, giving users who hold the most $MROB more of a say when voting in the ecosystem, this is a crucial element to the fairness of any system and is a key part of governance.
In the final stages they will launch their Play2Earn game, and unleash the full capacity of utility from these initial 8,888 NFT’s. Avid fans and long term collectors will be granted physical versions of their avatars, and the metaverse will be running on full throttle.
Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.
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