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He acquired it last year
NFTs became very popular last year, when many content creators from the international scene entered the crypto sector.
Undoubtedly, one of the most relevant was Logan Paul.
The YouTuber-turned-boxer acquired a particular NFT from the Azuki collection $623,000.
In principle, the fact that it is a hand-drawn image ensures an immediate inclusion in the web3 community. However, the interest in this field dropped dramatically.
As early as July 2022, Logan Paul confirmed that the price of NFT had fallen sharply, confirming that it was worth practically nothing.
According to international expert Wall Street Silver, the same NFT that Logan Paul bought for over $600,000 is now worth $10.
This is just one example of the cryptocurrency field’s volatility, where non fungible tokens (NFT) play a more than relevant role.
The reality is that, although they share a sector, the functioning of cryptos and NFTs are very different, but undoubtedly the great fall of Bitcoin in 2022 has ended up collapsing many of these tokens’ projects.
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