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The Supernatural University’s Trans-media Universe includes 5 feature films, a television series, a reality show, comic book, and a deep dive into the metaverse with virtual/augmented reality and bleeding edge technology never combined before in the entertainment industry.
“We are taking audience engagement to a level not seen before in the film and television industry. With a SuperU NFT VIP pass, the holder is provided unprecedented access to the inner workings of the production process. They are part of the entire building experience within the entertainment properties and get an all-access pass to special events with the stars, behind the scenes, red carpet events, award ceremonies, limited edition collectibles, and more. They will privy to all of it!”, says Producer/Creator Zach Thomson.
The Global entertainment industry is worth over $2.2 trillion; NFTs present a tremendous opportunity to intensify audience engagement while stimulating communities of hundreds of millions of global fans to participate in traditional entertainment experiences, as well as, mixed-reality world experiences; literally transforming the entertainment industry.
The pre-funded Entertainment Franchise is powered by a blockchain technology company Tessera Labs of Miami Florida. The ERC721L has the ability for users to lock their NFTs along with the most efficient gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. Locking NFTs keeps them from being transferred away from a wallet. There is a cool-down period set from 1-30 days, so once the NFTs are unlocked there is an additional amount of time before the NFT’s are able to be transferred. This is a secondary security measure. Nick Mansfield of Tessera Labs says, “Maintaining security in the NFT space is very important. With this new smart contract, users are able to keep their nfts in their wallet with a layer of security in place.”
The Supernatural University’s Trans-media Universe team brings together some of the world’s leading and award-winning media creators and most recognizable talent in the entertainment field.
“We’re revolutionizing the whole entertainment ecosystem- It’s the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0. NFTs are the gateway. We are bringing fans and media together like never before – creating traditional film and television projects while combining unprecedented blockchain-based opportunities to create groundbreaking NFT experiences for the holders,” says Producer/Creator McKenzie Van Dorne-Rice.
The actual date of the NFT VIP Pass drop has not been officially announced. Follow on Twitter for the latest updates and announcements.
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