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When the crypto markets take a dive, people will flock back to NFTs in search of profit. Although that isn’t always a guaranteed outcome, it can prove lucrative. The following collections all had a significant decrease in NFT listings,  although that doesn’t mean their price floors will go up.
The Nickelodeon NFT collection further illustrates the appeal of non-fungible token technology in a mainstream setting. The children’s TV channel decided to – with the help of RECUR – tokenize Rugrats and Hey Arnold! on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection spans 4,200 items and holds an average price floor of 0.02 ETH. With 196 listings removed from marketplaces in the past 24 hours, some price momentum may be on the horizon. However, 19.22% of the collection is still on marketplaces, which may prevent any real price change. 
The Moonbirds Oddities collection has been around for some time and continues generating a decent daily trading volume. Although 72 ETH across 46 sales may not seem impressive, most collections can only dream of such figures. The price floor of 1.22 ETH is a 5.38% decrease, yet there are also 160 fewer listings in general. Under 5% of the collection is now available for sale, indicating holders are still content. 
It is interesting to see the original CryptoPunks V1 – released in 2017 – get wrapped into an ERC-721 container for trading. That might explain why the collection has under 20k ETH in volume, and the floor price of 4.42 ETH is lower than the collection people think of. Even so, the 2,6k-item collection has 738 owners and just over 5.5% of the collection is listed on marketplaces. Thanks to 37 listings being removed, the floor price dip of -1.52% may be short-lived. 
Everyone loves a cute penguin in their life, and the PudgyPenguins collection illustrates that rather well. It has been a very successful collection to date, with over 837 ETH in daily volume across 217 sales. It also notes a price floor change of +33.61%, and having another 84 NFTs delisted from various marketplaces may help move things along further. As 4.7% of the collection is for sale, things can get rather interesting over the coming days.
While there may have been some doubts regarding The Saudis as an NFT collection, one cannot deny there is a healthy interest in this project. The Saudis has nearly 10k ETH in total volume on OpenSea and a floor price of 0.4 ETH. Furthermore, under 7.4% of the collection is available for sale, and holders removed another 46 listings in the past day. The 5.86% price floor increase offers speculative hope, although it remains unclear what comes next for The Saudis. 

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