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The “play and earn” Avalanche-based web3 game TimeShuffle is getting ready for the launch of the pre-alpha off-chain battlemode, which is expected to become a catalyst of the game’s path on the market. To boost the launch process, developers decided to drop 5,500 Founders Pass NFTs at the end of June.
With the launch of the pre-alpha version, TimeShuffle aims to gather feedback from players to include all of the ‌changes to the next update, which will be the alpha version of the on-chain game with NFTs enabled.

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TimeShuffle’s concept is based on the idea of time travel, with two factions battling each other for control over the timeline: timekeepers are trying to prevent any type of event change, while the other faction is trying to use the technology to their advantage. The gameplay includes playable characters from different epochs with different combinations of skills and professions.
With the alpha release, TimeShuffle is getting ready to launch the IGO and then present the fully functional beta version at the end of 2022, or the beginning of next year, including single and multiplayer. As for now, the company is focused on the pre-alpha launch and collecting feedback.

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The project uses two tokens simultaneously: a governance and utility token. GOLD token is used for in-game purchases, item locks and many other functions. As for token TIMS, it has a finite supply and can be used to acquire extremely rare rewards and gamified DeFi operations.
Previously, TumeShuffle garnered the attention of a lot of investors and collected more than $2.1 million in backing, showing the game’s enormous potential on the rapidly developing GameFi market.

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