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Quick take:
Watch brand, Timex, has launched an interactive gaming experience called “Race Against TimeX” in Fortnite. The game challenges players to multiple races against time in a virtual world where watches symbolize empowerment by providing players with additional speed and powers that give them a competitive edge.
Race Against TimeX includes six mini-games with challenges including water rising, walls closing, floors breaking, players dodging sequencer waves and finding their way across a precarious path in the dark.
Players can purchase power-ups, with virtual watches transferring special powers to the players’ wrists, giving them extra speed and other abilities as they try to complete all 6 mini-games in the fastest times.
The collaboration will be supported with a fully integrated campaign, bridging the virtual world with real-life experiences, such as in-game giveaways, and partnerships including gamer influencers Parker Locke, Sushi Bae, SypherPK, YouTube Star Ali-A and Gen Z style icon and Fortnite enthusiast Landon Barker.
“For me, time spent playing Fortnite is time well spent because it is one of the ways I can be with my friends without all of the superficial stuff that can get in the way of connection,” said Landon Barker. “I am excited to partner with Timex, I love their watches and Fortnite so for me this was a perfect match.”
For the Fortnite experience, Timex worked with metaverse agency, Metabrands, as well as SuperAwesome, an Epic Games company, that assisted with digital engagement among GenZ gamers, and Beyond Creative, a leading developer of Fortnite Creative games.
This is not Timex’s first foray into the metaverse. The watch brand first entered the metaverse with innovative partnerships that included an official pre-show countdown partnership with Wave’s live, virtual, and interactive Justin Bieber concert as well as AmazeVR’s Megan Thee Stallion VR Concert Tour, “Enter The Hottieverse,” with virtual Timex watches added to the wrists of each user’s avatar using special VR hand-tracking capabilities.
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