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Unilever’s Lifebuoy, Singapore Tiny Island Productions collaborates with NFT creators Ape Kids Club to craft new NFT designs inspired by Unilever’s Award Winning Lifebuoy H for handwashing campaign.
Unilever’s Lifebuoy division and Tiny Island Productions have worked closely together on many projects for more than eight years. To enhance the rollout of the campaign, Tiny Island brought onboard their NFT partner Ape Kids Club, whose track record in successful NFT launches will be an important keystone of the campaign.
The campaign will tap on Tiny Island Production’s expertise in NFT and metaverse space, Unilever’s brand influence, and AKC’s experience in the NFT field to explore possibilities of doing more good with emerging Web 3 technologies potential of fund raising for good.
Tiny Island Productions has always been in the forefront of technology when it comes to content creation. As part of their expansion into Web 3.0, they have signed a MOU with Huawei Cloud in December 2021 to develop Tiny Island Universe, a Metaverse Themepark. They have also signed MOU with Morpheus Labs where both parties will explore collaboration in the blockchain solution development such as metaverse based on the solutions and products offered by both parties. In months to come, Tiny Island Productions will be announcing collaborations with more partners with regards to Web 3.0, NFT and Metaverse.
We thought it would be a great idea to take design inspiration from Unilever’s Lifebuoy’s H for Handwashing Concept to create this new Ape Kids Club H4H NFT collection that will help to raise funds for social missions. We’re also honored to have Ape Kids Club our long-term NFT partner, who brings to the campaign their invaluable experience from their previous successful NFT launches. Coupled with our expertise in NFT and Metaverse, we want to show how NFTs can be a powerful tool to mobilize and raise support for worthwhile causes.” ~ David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island Productions
Soap brand Lifebuoy sees the campaign as a natural extension of their award-winning global handwashing campaign. The company has helped more than 1 billion people adopt better handwashing habits to help keep germs at bay. Through Lifebuoy’s social mission programs and communications, the brand has worked with over 50 partners across more than 30 countries, enabling communities to develop better handwashing habits, improve hygiene and protect against illness.
We need to separate the alerts from the noise surrounding NFT, crypto and Web 3.0. We can only do this by working with experts in this field, who can ensure Lifebuoy’s social mission of improving handwashing behaviors of people around the world will generate significant support. Lifebuoy recognizes the opportunity in this new digital meta world. We are eager to learn from partners, creators, and specialists to create a Betterverse – a place where we can ensure good exists.” ~ Triveni Rajagopal, Personal Care Digital Transformation Lead, Unilever.
Li and Kun Vic, both founder of Ape Kids Club, looks forward to the project. “6 months ago we successfully launched Ape Kids Club, a collection of 9999 unique Ape Kids on blockchain. And today we are very honoured to take inspiration from Lifebuoy to design ideas in the Web 3.0 space. As part of the brand’s social mission, we want to create value using blockchain to raise awareness and funds for worthy, real-life social causes.”
NFT drops on 15th October – Global Handwashing Day. All donations will go to our NGO Partner’s crypto wallet.
About Tiny Island Productions
Tiny Island Productions is one of Singapore’s top animation studios, specializing in high-quality CGI animation, as well as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Stereoscopic 3D. Their animation clients include Dreamworks and Cartoon Network, and include the award-winning Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens movie. They also created a VR experience for Cisco to dramatize cybersecurity threats, as well as 4D ride content for one of the biggest entertainment companies in China.
Tiny Island Productions also creates its own intellectual properties, and their flagship Dream Defenders TV series has been sold to more than 80 countries around the world, and is shown on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Discovery Family and Hulu. In 2017, Tiny Island Productions signed a 10 feature film co-production MOU with Shanghai WingsMedia, a member of Oriental Pearl Group and a whollyowned subsidiary of China’s 2nd largest media group, Shanghai Media Group, with the first film to bebased on its Dream Defenders IP. In 2022, Tiny Island Productions announced a collaboration with Huawei to build their Metaverse called Tiny Island Universe.
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David Kwok
About Ape Kids Club
Ape Kids Club (AKC) is an NFT collection of 9999 NFTs based on ERC-721. The creative team was co founded by famous Thailand artist Kun Vic and his partner AKCli, an enthusiastic NFT investor.
Kun Vic, also known as Victorior, is a Thailand based artist who has been a digital artist for nearly half his life. A concept artist and illustrator since 2009, he has previously worked for EmberLab studio for Coca-Cola (USA), KFC, Bridge of Spirits (Sony Play-station game), PSYOP for Disney game, Clash and Clans, Clash of Royales, Chick-Fil-A, Supercell, among other prestigious brands, to create and animate different art concepts.
Since the launching of AKC, the community has been dedicated to projects that encourage interactive learning on Blockchain, its side brand AKC Pets, AKC merchandise (Cap), and mobile games (AKC Run). Their current focus is further development of the AKC SDK for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)’s newest project Othersides, and a Land/ Tree house drop on the NFT World metaverse platform to raise the team profile.
About Unilever
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Media Contact: [email protected]
Sherawaye Hagger
Communications Lead, Personal Care
SOURCE: Tiny Island Productions

Tiny Island Productions
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