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Anosov1505/Wikimedia Commons
The festival’s "Medallion of Memoria" NFT project is assembled in three unique parts, each of which add up to "the ultimate Tomorrowland fan experience."
The comeback of Tomorrowland lies just on the horizon, and now there's even more opportunities to become a part of one of EDM's most beloved festival communities. 
Ahead of the brand's last-minute preparations in anticipation of delivering three weekends of music festival magic, Tomorrowland has introduced the "Medallion of Memoria," a new NFT project that brings the festival's global community closer to the action.
The "Medallion of Memoria" is assembled by accumulating three unique parts: "A Letter From The Universe," "The Reflection Of Love" and a forthcoming third piece soon to be revealed.  
Minting each piece of the unique collection carries a subset of the medallion's overall utility, but assembling the full emblem unlocks "the ultimate Tomorrowland fan experience," according to the festival. Fans will enjoy the perks of access to special pre-sales, exclusive shows, entry into Tomorrowland prize giveaways and more.
Over 60,000 people attended the momentous hometown show at Parc des Prince, the longtime home of the Paris Saint-Germain F.C. football club.
As the Romanian festival approaches, the stage-by-stage lineups have now been revealed.
"Monstercat Presents 1-For-1" challenges include Best Artist Cosplay, Guess The Song and Demonstrate Your Photoshop Skills.
Best of all, burning the medallion will yield its holder one "Tomorrowland Full Madness pass," which can be redeemed the following year.
Tomorrowland fans can start their journey by snagging the first piece of the puzzle, "A Letter From The Universe." The next piece of the medallion hits the web on the first day of Tomorrowland, July 15th. For those attending this year's edition, a lucky 1,500 attendees will have the opportunity to snag their piece of the rare digital artifact onsite.
Find out more about Tomorrowland's foray into NFTs here.
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