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Celebrity NFT projects may have spurred adoption, but it’s unclear how much further they can push NFTs.
The rapid boom of the NFT industry remains suspect to many people. The more people raise eyebrows against it, the newer NFT projects pop up. Despite a decline in NFT sales this year, Chainalysis estimates 491,000 addresses had transacted with NFTs this Q2 2022 as of May 1. The figure suggests that growth remains at par with other quarters. One of the biggest drivers of mainstream adoption of NFTs is the rush by celebrities to embrace the trend. The influx of award-winning musicians, actors, sports legends, business moguls, and artists into the NFT space has helped legitimize the industry. Beyond acquiring iconic NFT art like BAYC and Crypto Punks, several Hollywood stars have also launched personal NFT projects. We have compiled a list of five Hollywood celebrity NFT projects and the hype around them.
While many celebrities have launched their personal NFT brands, Hollywood actors and actresses haven’t been as quick to jump on board. Here are 5 Hollywood celebrities with their NFT projects and how they are shaping up.
Hollywood actress announced her entry into the crypto world in 2021. A few months later, she launched her NFT collection tagged World of Women with a focus on empowering women. The WoW collection features 10,000 unique NFTs. Witherspoon launched the collection to encourage more women to join the NFT community and build a more inclusive space.
Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan may have come late to the NFT party, but she’s already gotten ahead of many others. After minting her token on Rarible in February, she recently released a single titled, Lullaby as an NFT. Fans will be able to stream the song and enjoy spectacular visuals with it on Fansforever. The new single is also available for streaming in its entirety outside the NFT platform.
Hilton created her first NFT in 2019 and gave the money to charity, winning Best Charity NFT during the 2020 NFT awards ceremony. She launched another three NFT collections in April 2021, selling one of them, the Iconic Crypto Queen, for $1.1 million. Her latest collection tagged Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings launched in February. If any Hollywood celebrity has their sights firmly set on NFTs, it is Hilton.
Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has a rather interesting story and an NFT collection to back it up. Ratajkowski’s first NFT, Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution launched in May 2021. After purchasing her picture back from artist Richard Prince for $81,000, she sold an NFT featuring the same canvas art and herself for $175,000 at Christie’s.
This list will not be complete without including Snoop Dogg, who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018. Dogg acquires NFTs under the pseudonym Cozomo de Medici. According to DappRadar, the wallet contains NFTs worth over $14.5 million. Beyond acquiring NFTs, Dogg has launched several NFT brands, including 1,000 NFTs of Death Row Mix: Vol. 1 and Clay Nation, an NFT collection on Cardano.
Celebrity NFT projects may have spurred adoption, but it’s unclear how much further they can push NFTs. Recently, a seller put up a Snoop Dogg-curated NFT for auction at $25.5 million and got a high bid of $210. Likewise, an attempt to resell Jack Dorsey’s first tweet failed terribly. Does this mean Celebrity NFT projects have tanked? We’ll see.
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