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Some investors purchase the game’s NFT and utility token, which may increase in value. That way, they make profits off the game without necessarily interacting. Whatever way you get involved with NFT games, the rewards are there.
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Updated: 29 Sep 2022 5:50 pm
Non-fungible tokens have received massive demand in 2022. As the demand rises, so does the industry. Recently, we've seen an influx into the NFT gaming sector. Many gamers have moved from regular games to NFT games as they have become a source of income. Some of these games not only reward gamers, but they also reward investors. How do they reward investors? Some investors purchase the game's NFT and utility token, which may increase in value. That way, they make profits off the game without necessarily interacting. Whatever way you get involved with NFT games, the rewards are there.
That said, let's look at the functionality of three exciting NFT games.
Sandbox (SAND) 
Sandbox is a metaverse game that is similar to games like Minecraft and Roblox. Like those games, players can decorate their spaces and interact with other players. On Sandbox, players need to purchase LAND NFT games where they can build different experiences.
One distinguishing feature of Sandbox is that it allows users to build. They provide the Game Maker and Voxel Editor for creators and developers. With these tools, they can develop games and in-game assets for other players. 
Gods Unchained (GODS)
Gods Unchained is an NFT card trading game. Currently, the game is free-to-play. However, players have to get cards before competing. These cards can be purchased or gotten from PVP matchups. Keep in mind that this game is based on skills and strategy. So gamers get to win matchups if they have the right skills. 
Also, Gods Unchained uses a ranking mode to match players. So, you play with people on your level. To win a match, players must ensure that their tactics bring their opponent's life to zero. If they win, they get experience points which will be put in an experience bar. Once the experience bar gets filled up, they move to another rank with a new pack of cards.
Players can trade their cards on the game's marketplace. These cards are NFTs as they are ERC-721 tokens. Players can sell their cards to players in exchange for the native token, GODS. However, bear in mind that GODS is yet to be launched. Regardless, this may be the best time to start accumulating the token.
Moshnake (MSH)
Moshnake is an NFT game that incentivizes players to battle in arenas. Moshnake is different from other NFT games with its unique concept. The game adopts the concept of the classic snake game. If you are not familiar, the snake game was commonly played on Nokia devices. The snakes in the game go after eggs stationed in the arena. As they eat eggs, they grow in size. As they go in search of other snakes, players ensure that the mouth does not hit other body parts.
No doubt Moshnake is a snake NFT game. However, it is different. In Moshnake, players have to make purchases to interact in the game. They also receive tokens that can be traded for Fiat. Aside from that, players after battle other snakes in the Battle Royale Arena. 
As a blockchain game, it is built on the Binance Chain. All of its tokens are also BEP tokens. On the platform, there are utility tokens as well as Non-fungible tokens. The utility tokens are the Moshnake token (MSH) and Venom token (VEN). Moshnake is the main utility that allows users to purchase VEN and NFTs. It also serves as a transaction fee, reward, and governance token. VEN is the in-game token. It is used for diverse in-game purchases. 
In Moshnake, the snake NFTs have a capped supply. So, you may ask, what happens when all the snakes are owned? The developers designed a system in which players are encouraged to create new snakes. Players receive incentives to hatch eggs which will grow to become snakes in the ecosystem. And one egg equals one snake. 
This game has a lot of potential benefits because not only can investors hold tokens expecting a result, but they can also interact with the server for amazing rewards.
To find out more about Moshnake (MSH), visit the links below:
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