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New York, United States – (NewMediaWire) – December 27, 2022 – TTW Labs is launching a new NFT product called The Titan War, which combines an NFT collection, an online game, and a gamified staking program.
Web3 market is projected to continue growing exponentially and NFT segment is an essential part of this new world. There is an incredible innovation happening in the NFT space nowadays and people can already use NFTs as a collectible item and a digital medium. NFTs are a paradigm shift in our understanding of how the future of art, media, and gaming will look like.
TTW Labs' vision is based on the conviction that NFT owners should be able to capture value out of their NFTs. With this in mind, TTW Labs is creating an innovative product that allows users to utilize their NFTs in different ways. The Titan War NFT owners will be able to extract value from their NFTs by participating in the staking program and the online game.
In total, 9744 NFTs (Twelve Titans and twelve Olympians with different traits) will be released at the OpenSea NFT marketplace starting January 2023. The Titan War NFTs will be released gradually in twelve drops, with more common traits of Titans and Olympians to be available in the beginning and rarer traits to be available at the end of the NFT distribution.
The Titan War project utilizes a unique incentive mechanism to reward The Titan War NFT owners. Titans and Olympians will battle each other over staking rewards and native deflationary TTW tokens. The staking reward amount will depend on the staking APR and the amount and rarity of Titan and Olympian NFTs staked during the staking period.

As a part of The Titan War incentive program, qualified The Titan War NFT owners will receive free TTW tokens. TTW token holders will be able to make strategic decisions regarding The Titan War project, use TTW tokens to buy The Titan War NFTs on the TTW NFT Marketplace at the discounted price and participate in "The Titan War: Second Titanomachy" game once its released.
"The Titan War: Second Titanomachy" is a multiplayer online game where Titans and Olympians battle for scarce monetary resources. Players will need to own The Titan War NFT to participate. A prototype of the game will be developed in Q3/Q4 2023, but users can already purchase The Titan War NFTs at the OpenSea marketplace to get early access to The Titan War microverse.
About the TTW Labs
TTW Labs is a decentralized organization that sees a big market opportunity at the intersection of Web3, NFT, and gaming markets. Their flagship product The Titan War is an avant-garde NFT project that reinvents the value accrual mechanism to facilitate its growth and success. The innovative gamified NFT staking program and the upcoming online game "The Titan War: Second Titanomachy" have been designed to bootstrap the network effect and expand the user base.
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TTW Labs
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