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Main image by Bo.Kerny
Ukraine’s first NFT war museum raised over $1,000,000 for our military. For these funds, we have already purchased cars for the front line, the necessary equipment, and ammunition.
This was reported in the telegram channel of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.
As the ministry explained, all proceeds from the sale of the previous two NFT collections were transferred by the project team to the Aid For Ukraine crypto fund to help the Armed Forces.
Funds from the sale of the third Warline NFT collection, which is already available on the museum’s website, will also go there. The virtual exhibits reflect the course of military events since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the report says.
More about the NFT Museum
At the end of March, the NFT community of artists and the Ministry of Digital Development launched the first NFT war museum in Ukraine.
The museum’s purpose is to spread the truth about Russian war crimes among the global digital community and raise funds to support Ukraine. All works are presented in digital form of NFT-tokens and anyone can purchase them online.

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