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Initial Whitelist Minting of 3D NFTs for 10,000 one-of-a-kind, unique generative unicorns with varying traits and rarity; 100 percent of secondary sales will go back to the community treasury and liquidity pool
Unifriends (, the new 3D NFT, player-first gaming ecosystem featuring 10,000 unique generative unicorns with 170 varying traits, today announced both its whitelist and public mint Airdrops.
100 percent of secondary sales will go back to the community treasury and liquidity pool.
WHEN: February 18, 2022, at 12:00 PM ET
MINTS: 0.069420 ETH
WHEN: February 19, 2022
MINTS: 0.1337 ETH
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The Unifriends Utility token, UNIVRS, will be deployed on Polygon chain for gaming contracts, ensuring hyper-fast experience while eliminating gas fees. Hodlers will be able to earn the UNIVRS utility tokens in mini games embedded within the NFTs. Only owners of the specific token will be able to earn UNIVRS token.
Unifriends will launch three unique mini games in which coin hodlers can acquire play-and-earn tokens. Each token is embedded directly with Unifriends’ NFTs as a dApp; only owners can connect their wallets and earn UNIFRN tokens.
The more rare, legendary Unifriends coins will have a higher percentage chance relative to the total supply allocated to the gaming contract. 10 legendary Unifriends’ NFTs will have special in-game capabilities.
UNIFRN governance tokens will be airdropped to hodlers and developers to democratize decisions in a DAO structure. Unifriend hodlers will be distributed a baseline set of UNIFRN governance tokens, but individuals will be able to buy UNIFRN on an established DEX post drop.
On-chain metadata determines whether your unicorn is speedy, strong, or intelligent. Properties are dynamically derived using pseudo-randomization methods upon minting.
In addition to having a flag set-up at the contract level to allow it to Unifriends activity on OpenSea, we will also process image reveals progressively based and update the image base URI at the contract level ~3-7 days per batch of mints
New immersive, browser-based games will be deployed throughout 2022. Players will be able to participate in future drops and buy new items and upgrading NFT using UNIFRN/UNIVRS tokens.
Unifriends is a 3D NFT project featuring 10,000 completely unique generative unicorns with varying traits and rarity. Unifriends will have a governance token UNIFRN to democratize decisions in a DAO structure. The UNIFRN governance token will be airdropped to holders and developers of the project for governance. A utility token UNIVRS will be deployed on Polygon chain for the Unifriend gaming contracts. The UNIVRS token will be earnable within our browser based mini-games platform.
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Mostafa Razzak
+1 917-912-0623
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He’s back at it.
In today’s world, the markets cannot be separated from politics. Case in point – the semiconductor subsidy bill currently before Congress. The bill, which holds the promise of some $52 billion worth of subsidies for the US semiconductor industry, was stalled in the Congressional processes for several months but last week got a boost from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In a move not sees as particularly coincidental, Pelosi’s husband just last month exercised a call option to purchase more than $5 m
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U.S. adults who haven’t gotten any COVID-19 shots yet should consider a new option from Novavax — a more traditional kind of vaccine, health officials said Tuesday.
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Earlier in 2022, in a move that investors didn't appreciate, the company slashed its dividend nearly in half and got kicked out of the elite Dividend Aristocrat group.
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Question: I have a comfortable balance in my investment account but have a question about only taking out 4% of my total each year (if necessary). Totaling my federal and state taxes (I live in California), and paying estimates for the next year, plus adding in my broker fees actually totals 4% of my investment balance. Basically I feel like I’m investing to pay taxes and broker fees!
Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger discussed his outlooks on the economy, oil, renewable energy and cryptocurrency after his recent personal investment in an Australian investment company. Billionaire investor Munger who has worked alongside with Warren Buffett for several decades, discussed his views with the Financial Review in Australia. A vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Munger invested in Stonehouse Corporation, a Melbourne-based investment company, because its founder is a "soulmate" to the conglomerate, he said.
Yahoo Finance Live anchors break down second-quarter earnings for Johnson & Johnson.
RBC Capital Markets has lowered the price target on Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO) to $4 from $5 with a Sector Perform rating. The analysts updated the model to reflect the evolution of the programs to date and as new leadership gained traction since the CEO change in May. With the CEO transition in conjunction with a new CMO hire, INO-4800’s heterologous booster strategy, VGX-3100’s continued development, and INO-5401 data at ASCO 2022 last month, RBC awaits a more attractive entry po
See: We have 25 years until retirement and are saving 25% of our income – are we doing it right? You’ve clearly thought out your cash flow in retirement and the tax consequences of your decisions, as well as your healthcare and housing situation. Advisers typically suggest investing your assets rather aggressively when they’re intended for the long-term, and considering you and your spouse are still young in retirement years, you could have decades to go until your kids actually get that money.
Occidental (OXY) has been one of the stocks most watched by users lately. So, it is worth exploring what lies ahead for the stock.
AT&T has struggled and made missteps in the past but we want to be forward looking. The company is scheduled to report earnings before the opening of trading Thursday, so let's check out the charts to see if there can be some capital gains on top of a nice dividend. In the daily bar chart of T, below, we can see that the shares have made a large bottom pattern the past 12 months.
ARK said in a statement Tuesday that it will shutter its Transparency ETF at the end of July, just eight months after launching the investment vehicle.
Clear waters appear to be ahead, but investors should beware of sharks


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