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If there’s one truth about the crypto market, it’s that it can be quite volatile. Sometimes the volatility can cause a cascade of effects like dominoes falling if prices drop too quickly. We saw this with the Terra (LUNA) and Celcius debacles. 
However, traders can use this volatility to their advantage to turn some quick bucks. But that’s another problem altogether. Many traders exploit volatility by trading with leverage (essentially borrowed money). If the price drops or rises too quickly, like dominoes, leveraged traders are forced to cover their leveraged short or long bets or otherwise get rekt, causing prices to fall even further and so on and so forth.
But a new DeFi DAO called Uniglo has come up with a solution to the problem. The innovative tokenomics of their GLO token is such that money is flowing into the treasury that backs the token no matter which way the market is headed. And the more volatile moves the markets make, the faster money pours into the treasury. How is this possible?
Uniglo borrows a trick from NFTs called royalties. Some NFT contracts collect royalties on aftermarket sales. When an NFT is resold, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the project wallet — commonly 10%. However, with Uniglo, instead of the royalties going into the team wallet, half of them go into a common treasury. And instead of just the seller paying the royalty, both the buyer and the seller pay a royalty. 
What this means is that every time someone joins the DAO (buys GLO), they make a donation to the treasury. And every time someone leaves the DAO, they must leave some GLO behind for the hodlers. Thus money keeps flowing into the treasury and never comes out of the treasury. There is one exception. If the price of the token seems low or high, the community can vote to use profits to buy GLO tokens off of exchanges and burn them. 
Everyone who holds GLO gets to vote on all investment activities of the Unilgo DAO. That includes what the treasury is invested in and when to take profits on investments and reallocate them elsewhere. Anything that can be held in a crypto wallet is fair game. That includes cryptocurrencies, investment-grade NFTs, tokenized assets like stocks, gold, fine art, rare collectibles, and so forth. Let’s see you build a portfolio like that on Robinhood.
But why would someone want to pay a 10% royalty on their token purchases? The answer is that you’re taking advantage of the wisdom of the entire community, and the community is working together to build a massively diversified portfolio of long-term investments. Plus, the token is eternally deflationary, and the treasury is eternally inflating. The 10% royalty is easily offset for long-term holders.
The royalty encourages early adoption and long-term holding while discouraging day traders and leveraged traders from getting involved. This greatly reduces the volatility and hence the risk of the investment. 
You can, however, get in without paying the 10% royalty. All you have to do is visit the website, where you’ll find out that this project is still in ICO mode. GLO tokens can be purchased royalty-free until launch in mid-October or until the token supply sells out. 
Uniglo makes it easy to invest in a diversified portfolio. On top of that, because it’s a DAO, you can do so anonymously. These factors give Uniglo a chance to be the first investment DAO to enjoy mass adoption, greatly benefiting ICO investors.
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