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Although the NFT euphoria has gained traction again, in-game non-fungibles remain illiquid assets. UNITBOX, a complex ecosystem of solutions for various use cases, is focused on changing the narrative in this sphere.
According to the announcement shared by the UNITBOX team, the platform pioneers the “Rent-to-Earn” concept for all holders of non-fungible tokens.
We have been working long and hard on our main product – the first Rent2Earn collateral-free leasing protocol. Most of the technical implementation is ready and very soon we will start the marketing campaign. ⬇️Continued in thread⬇️
Since mid-2021, it allows NFT holders to lease their digital collectibles to high-profile e-athletes or gaming guilds across the globe. For doing so, NFT owners can receive daily payouts.  As such, UNITBOX is one of the first protocols to introduce passive income to the NFT community.
This opportunity is possible thanks to “Wrapped NFT” or wNFT, a technical instrument that allows the transfer and renting of assets between users at any time with negligible fees.
With “Wrapped NFTs,” owners can revoke their assets at any time; so all lending opportunities are flexible and effortless like never before.
This technology is recognized by a number of blockchain teams, including the heavyweights Polygon (MATIC), Rarible (RARI) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR). It was also ranked in Top3 at Binance Hackathon.
UNITBOX’s tokenomic design is underpinned by core native cryptocurrency, UNIT. UNIT is a stakeable token: its holders can lock it to share 15% of the platform’s payment volume.
As of press time, the project has partnered with more than 50,000 NFT investors, 10 gaming guilds and 300,000 players. The protocol considers migration to the DAO model of governance.
By the end of Q2, 2022, the platform is going to polish the UX/UI of its main website, release the rental protocol and organize a two-phase token sale of UNIT.
By the end of this year, the platform is set to go live, while UNIT token is on its way to being listed by top-tier CEXes and DEXes on various blockchains.

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