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It’s the beginning of another beautiful week, which means there are many exciting new upcoming NFT mints to talk about. Here at NFTevening, we are always looking for the best NFT projects. Between the 21st and 28th of August, we have some whitelist NFT projects for you, along with NFTs that are minting now and throughout the week.
What’s more, we have a dedicated ‘upcoming NFT drops and events calendar’ to tell you what’s happening in the NFT space!
Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: N/A | Price: N/A | Supply: 15,000
Y00ts is an exciting upcoming NFT project with a massive buzz in the NFT community. So far, little is available about the project from the hugely impressive DeGods project team. However, the Y00ts website offers various images of the pfp NFTs, which are undoubtedly exciting and unique.
This is one of the upcoming NFT projects to keep your eye on in the coming weeks! The whitelisting process is different and offers a fair chance for everyone to join. It is transparent; a whitelist Twitter page provides live updates of the latest whitelist additions.
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: N/A | Price: N/A | Supply: N/A
Created by @mcbess, Cel Mates is a mysterious NFT project with fantastic pfp prisoner NFTs. To join the NFT whitelist, you need to solve problems and puzzles to gain access to the premint website, which is password protected. Not much is known about the mint price, the supply, or whether there will be a public sale.
However, head over to the Cel Mates Twitter page if you like a challenge. Here, you must wait for announcements, riddles, and more to enter this exclusive upcoming NFT mint.
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: LIVE NOW! | Price: 0.22 ETH | Supply: 556
The Infinity Void virtual world land sale is live, offering a wonderful opportunity to join a growing community. If you purchase one of these land NFTs, you can get access to a hyper-realistic metaverse with an immersive experience. There are huge plans for the space, and here you can earn money, build, abide, live, experience, interact, and so much more without ever leaving your home!
Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: 23rd – 30th August | Price: $5,000 / $250 | Supply: 30 / 500
This upcoming NFT mint by legendary racing car driver Tony Stewart aka ‘Smoke’, comes with some incredible utility. The Champion Series collection of 30 NFTs featuring five different animated videos highlighting Tony’s racing career these NFTs are a must-have for racing car fans.
Each NFT comes with an autographed Tony Stewart firesuit, VIP hospitality at the track, and a virtual hangout session with Smoke. Moreover, one lucky NFT holder will win one of Tony’s #14 racing cars and own a piece of racing history.
The Legacy Series consists of 500 NFTs, costing $250. These NFTs are a low-cost entry into the Tony Stewart NFT world, and Each NFT comes with a 20% chance for a 30-minute virtual hangout with Tony.
Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: August 25th – September 1st | Price: 2 SOL | Supply: 3,333
Another exciting upcoming NFT collection is The Grannies. A collection of grannies who are surviving a zombie apocalypse need you to join their community and fight for the living. Get your hands on exclusive NFTs, tokens, and much more as a member of The Grannies.
Additionally, there are already some huge plans for this project. The roadmap also includes a DAO, staking, and a P2E game.
Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: August 25th | Price: 2 SOL | Supply: 503
This upcoming NFT collection of pro-audio community NFTs about field recording is unique and creative. Working with a neural network, The Art of Field Recording an abstract vision of the artform. Furthermore, these NFTs will take you on a visual and audio adventure, across mountains, through forests, and into the ocean.
futuristic woman in purple robotic suit NFT upcoming
Blockchain: Ethereum & Solana | Mint Date: August 25th | Price: TBC | Supply: 15,000
Ezu is a collection of 15,000 pfp NFT consisting of four factions: light, vapor, liquid, and earth. Essentially, it is an NFT collection powering a ‘Wear2Earn’ lifestyle application through clothing. What’s more, the project aims to “embrace change and encourage freedom.”
Finally, to find even more awesome NFT projects, check out the Upcoming NFT calendar on our website. NFTevening is the biggest and best NFT website with daily NFT news and projects from across the whole Web3 universe.
All investment/financial opinions expressed by are not recommendations.
This article is educational material.
As always, make your own research prior to making any kind of investment.
James is an English teacher and freelance writer with a passion for NFTs, football, film and technology.

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