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| Source: Rove Rove
Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES
NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On September 11th, Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Factory Fall ‘22 Runway Show blended IRL and URL worlds including an activation that allowed guests to receive a free NFT created by the new app-based, Web3 entertainment launchpad Rove. For the first-time ever at a Fashion Week event, all 2,000 guests had the opportunity to claim an exclusive ‘Tommy Factory’ NFT, which featured a moving image of Tommy Hilfiger taking a Polaroid picture. The partnership signifies the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s continued connection and engagement within the digital community.

To retrieve the NFT, attendees were able to tap their phone to a near-field communication (NFC) sticker — a tag used to enable the digital authentication of physical items and experiences — which was integrated into the design on the walls of the show. This instantaneously created a mobile NFT wallet powered by Cupcake where guests could claim their own Tommy Factory NFT, regardless of their prior experience with blockchain technology. The Tommy Factory Runway Experience proves the model for how major brands can partner with Rove and Cupcake to merge their physical and digital worlds and reach their audience in a new and innovative way.
“The Fall ‘22 show was a multiverse experience. With Rove, we created the Tommy Factory NFT which all guests could receive through their phones in under a minute. I look forward to exploring web3 integration with the brand further.” — Tommy Hilfiger
Rove is focused on the next evolution of NFTs and Web3 entertainment products by bringing real utility into a space previously dominated by speculation and overhype. By partnering with Cupcake for NFT minting experiences at live events, Rove is able to gift or sell NFTs to fans at virtually any event through a streamlined process.
Cupcake helps new-to-crypto users create a digital asset wallet and claim their first NFT in less than a minute, without fumbling through clunky onboarding processes or paying high fees.
Rove funnels Web3 activations from all different entertainment verticals into one collaborative ecosystem – from music to film, from fashion to sports, and more – where there is shared value for all. All Rove NFTs will have ongoing, cross-platform utility within the Rove World app, where NFTs and tickets can be staked to earn yield, special perks, rewards, access to exclusive events, and early access to upcoming product launches.
Rove has been building on the Solana blockchain for over a year, and is ready to launch the Rove World app to a global audience on the App Store and Google Play on November 1, 2022.
Rove is an entertainment launchpad that provides a seamless and engaging platform for brands, creators, and artists to launch web3 products and experiences. Bridging the physical and digital worlds by bringing together blockchain-ticketing technology and curated NFT launches, Rove is a one-stop shop for fans to gain access, perks and rewards for engaging with their favorite brands. Rove acts as a gateway for a global audience to participate in web3 with an intuitive mobile experience that emphasizes speed, security, accessibility, and credit card payment integration.
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Cupcake is an NFT Super-App which is closing the gap between the physical and digital worlds through blockchain-based ownership, attendance, and loyalty for brands, artists, and creators. Cupcake’s secure NFC tags, known as Sprinkles, are paired with battle-tested smart contracts to deliver unique online/offline experiences including proof of attendance, certificate of authenticity, proof of ownership, live experiences, and more. New-to-crypto users can create a digital asset wallet and claim their first NFT in less than a minute, without fumbling through clunky onboarding processes or paying high fees.
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