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W Motors, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, announced a partnership with TokenGate. The collaboration will see the Web3 company helping W Motors to release a new NFT collection.
It will also allow W Motors to build a metaverse and NFT experience around HyperCars. HyperWolves will be the first drop from the auto manufacturer, including a 10,000-piece NFT collection.
It will be the entry point for W Motors’ digital and metaverse roadmap. NFT holders of HyperWolves can access W Motors perks, including a factory visit. Some winners can even score a digital car from W Motors’ HyperCars collection.
One car from the collection, 7 Lykan HyperSport, was even used in the globally-celebrated Fast and Furious franchise. Thus, the appeal to win the collection is apparent for car and NFT enthusiasts.
The rewards do not end here, as NFT holders can customize and integrate the cars into blockchain games. When W Motors releases its metaverse, these cars can be easily incorporated for trading or showcasing. 
The metaverse will expand W Motors’ reach, opening it to a new realm of possibilities. It will access a digital world where like-minded users can interact, create models, participate in racing, and design cars. 
As a well-known blockchain venture, Tokengate will help W Motors to enter the Web3 space smoothly. It will help the car manufacturer to integrate perks like purchasing NFTs via debit and credit cards. 
If finalized accordingly, this development can make W Motors the first Middle Eastern car manufacturer to enter the metaverse with luxury cars. It will pave the path for other car companies to interact with their customers and sell them digital automotive.
Since the metaverse domain is expected to breach the billion-dollar mark, the automobile industry will eventually adopt it completely.
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