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Home » What Are Interoperable NFT Games, What Impact Can They Wreak In Gaming Industry?
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I hope readers who are reading this article are well acquainted with NFTs. For the ones who don’t, NFTs are simply tokens on blockchains offering sole ownership to the holders. It can be a painting, a music video,or anything that you can think of digitally.
In the case of Image NFTs, many ask questions such as, why are they so important if you can just right click and save it on the computer. Well, here’s the catch, many NFT collections such as Bored Apes Yacht Club by Yuga Labs allows the BAYC NFT holders to earn ApeCoin, that too because they hold it.
The BAYC NFTs can also be utilized in upcoming Otherside metaverse, where they can earn more ApeCoin.
Now let’s talk about Interoperable NFTs. These Non Fungible Tokens, as the name suggests, can be utilized in multiple games.
Let me make this with a hypothetical example. Consider Call Of Duty, the King of First Person Shooter games. When you purchase a skin in COD: Black Ops, you cannot use it in COD: Modern Warfare. Users are required to purchase 2 Captain Price skins in 2 different games.
This is where interoperable NFT games come into play. In Call of Duty ecosystem, you will purchase one Captain Price skin, then it can be utilized in every peristing COD game or upcoming games.
I am gonna cover a few impacts the interoperable NFT games can make.
First, it will affect the organizations in a couple of ways: Positive and Negative. Positive part is that as soon as interoperable NFTs are implemented into the games, they will experience a massive rush of players in their games, as users do not have to throw money on the in-game assets every time a new game rolls out.
The negative impact on the organization will be this. The income generation will reduce, the players will only have to pay once, and never again.
Another impact it can make is that several people might get interested in NFT games, as it will be a chance to earn while having fun, eventually inflating the gaming sector more.
In the end, I just think that there is a possibility that every game in the industry will implement the concept of interoperable NFTs, as it can help them to grow, and even take over the other persisting mammoth industries today.
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