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C-01 represents the synergy between the world of fashion and digital ownership. From the Hands of Warner Bros designer Gilberto Zaragoza. 8888 NFTs.
C-01 is a project composed of 8,888 NFTs crafted by talented and expert designers and developers.
We unified the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable, cutting-edge product.
The goal of the C-01 Project is to merge the fashion industry with digital collectibles pioneering the evolution of fashion in the metaverse.
C-01 represents the synergy between the world of fashion and digital ownership.
We want to accentuate this concept further by providing a utility for our holders, from which they will benefit right away instead of building a “play-to-earn” or metaverse that will never come to fruition.
When buying a C-01, you are not only owning a digital collectible but also gaining access to the forefront of evolution in the fashion industry in the metaverse. We are going to create exclusive digital collections with well-known clothing brands reserved for C-01 holders. Fashion brands around the world will benefit directly from our community and our knowledge in the NFT, metaverse, and overall decentralized blockchain space.
We are already talking with several fashion brands around the world to collaborate and create an online and exclusive clothing line for our 3D models. The blockchain brings the decentralization and community around new digital initiatives, and we have the vision to keep it that way. That’s why we decided to split the revenue made with the fashion industry directly with our community and core holders. The money earned will be given to our holders in terms of tokens, exclusive branded NFT drops, and physical merch drops from all our fashion partners. – C-01 Project Discord

His artstation profile describes him as a digital Artist born in México, working as a professional since 2012, involved in different projects around the world including companies like Blur Studio, Aaron Sim, Warner, DC, Disney, Marvel, Bandai, WarGaming, Legendo Entertainment, Geek X, Geek And Sundry, Televisa and many more in different fields working as a 2D and 3D artist doing colors for graphic novels, 2D and 3D Art for animated films to Art Directing a videogame and sculpting toys & collectibles.

Luis Monteiro is a French fashion designer with more than eight years of experience in the luxury fashion industry. He has been working and providing his craftsmanship to world-renowned brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chloé. For the last two years, he has been dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s LVMH group, working alongside Virgil Abloh as stylist. Luis carefully helped us design all the clothing, materials, and accessories for the collection.
We took more than two months to create each of the facial expressions of our 3D models to make them look as natural and as human as possible. We then designed each of their clothing – the materials and textures – with our modelist and stylist Luis Monteiro. Our goal was to go beyond the boundaries of everything made so far and provide an ultra-realistic look through detailed clothing and fabrics. We wanted to make the avatars look like real-life models, but for the metaverse.
The collection of 8,888 NFTs will be directly available for purchase on our website. Please use only the link provided by our social media account or in  . The security of our holders is our top priority, and so we have spent an immense amount of time with our cyber security experts to secure and protect our website against any attack or scams, as well as to provide our holders with the most gas efficient ERC-721 token possible.
After the reveal of the artwork, you will be able to know which character, ethnicity, and clothing style you successfully minted. The rarity rank of your NFT will be directly available across the main two rarity services available – Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper.
One week after the mint, we will create the token economics for our ecosystem. Our goal is to be the pioneers of luxury fashion in the metaverse. As explained in our project information channel, we will provide support for luxury fashion brands around the world to showcase their digital collection with our 3D model avatars. Every deal made from the C-01 project will be shared with our core holders and community. In addition to benefits from exclusive digital collection drops and physical merch drops, you will benefit from a token allocation that will match the number of NFT your wallet holds.
After a few successful partnerships in Q1, 2022, we will implement ourselves in the two most well-known metaverses available: Sandbox and Decentraland. We will purchase a consequent number of lands and create a virtual fashion show with all our partners that will be retransmitted live across social media. The goal is to replicate the real world’s well-known fashion parade and make it an unbelievable digital experience. As an owner of the C-01, you will be able to hang out and socialize in all our 3D venues and be at the front of the revolution that is currently happening in the fashion industry.
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Kristian Levin also known as No Creative Abode is a photographer turned NFT and Crypto artist and we’re all lucky he made the switch.
He attributes his success to 3 soft skills, general photography, retouching, and videographer as means to his success in the digital realm. When looking at his incredible NFTs, you can see the attention to detail, especially around color-grading, and lighting, which provides a visceral experience for the viewer.   You can learn more about his traditional work by visiting his behance.
We suspect he has a bigger drop up his sleeve in the near future.

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