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Amidst a chaotic, emerging Solana NFT market, 1,111 Bōryoku Dragonz were minted in the span of 3 minutes, birthing a season of utility NFTs and tokenomics on Solana never seen before.
The mint price was unknown, the anticipation was high. Word spread within the NFT world and before long a legendary discord was born. The community emerged that night and continued to appeal to SOL NFT thought leaders, builders, and collectors who shared some of the best cross-chain alpha in the entire NFT ecosystem.
Cross-chain being the keyword here, as cross-chain has always been the focus of Bōryoku, with the expansion in The Sandbox Game metaverse experience on Ethereum. A first from a project minted on Solana.
Why do we believe this is a necessary step for the future success of the project?
NFTs are a fast-moving space. Our community has achieved a lot in the short span of six months, cementing its role as a premier collection on Solana and beyond. Yet, there’s so much more that can be accomplished by growing our holders.
This is why, as part of the team’s vision, Akumu is born with the purpose of expanding the Boku community through the Bōryoku and Akumu brands. With even more factions, fantasy lore, gaming around the Dragonz universe to come.
The best way to predict the future is to create it…
We fly to different lands to write a new chapter…
Come what may, we are ready to take it on!
When others zig, we zag, and we move as one!
We march to the beat of our own drum and our convictions ring true.
Insidoors, outsidoors, have a seat by the fire and enjoy a cup of fresh BOKU.
Pull up a chair, there’s always room for another at the table.
The world outside is a sea of faces, strangers passing by.
But here you can find your tribe…
Onwards into the Long Night…
The BOKU will brew, now and always.
After the Night comes the Dawn.
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Eduardo Pena is a successful artist best known for his work massive projects including Ready Player One via ILM and LucasFilm as well as other major Entertainment and hollywood mediums.  He recently entered the NFT space to further explore his own characters and universe known as COSMO-MORFO which have already sold out on Foundation.  We expect great things from this incredible artist as the industry learns more about him.

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