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You can now own a piece of Bella Hadid, with perks thanks to new NFT platform, CY-B3LLA created in collaboration with social meta-verse site, rebase. Hadid has created 11,111 pieces of unique NFT works that are available for purchase online, and are based on her own image.

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are digital assets – with some pieces of art becoming collectibles. NFTs are not just a digital file – each one has a unique digital fingerprint (a serial number or proof of authenticity) that you are the owner of that asset – this digital fingerprint cannot be replicated or owned by anyone else, until you choose to sell it on.

Bella Hadid’s NFTs have been created by 10 different artists who made art from 3D scans of the supermodel’s body, including portraits of her where she is animated and adorned in a number of costumes. Hadid had opened a waiting list prior to her NFT drop date and over 500,000 people had signed up online to gain access to CY-B3LLA

The model’s inspiration to launch her own NFTs came from her love for gaming, having grown up playing her favorite game, Mario – so much so that when she began travelling for work, her alias name would be “Princess Peach.” She dove deeper into the world of gaming when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and her fascination with life in the digital space grew, from playing her favorite games to creating her very own avatars. It goes without saying that her NFTs would have to be centered on her own aesthetic, but whats in it for the people that purchase them? 

Bella Hadid wanted to build the CY-B3LLA platform to create a community online, whilst also forming a human connection with anyone that purchased her NFTs, anywhere in the world as they will offer access to both online and in person meet and greets with the celebrity.

She told an international publication, “We’re gonna set up different events. Tokyo—I hope that’s one of our first launch spaces. It’d be an airdrop essentially: If you’re in Tokyo having coffee and all of a sudden I’m right next door to you, you’d get a ping. Just going to different places I love and seeing the people who support me and giving them a real hug.”

More than just creating a community, it seems that Bella Hadid wants to care for them too. Having had suffered from mental health issues such as anxiety in the past, she feels empowered to make the metaverse a happy and healthy space to exist in. The model faces negativity daily, especially on social media platforms, and to help her fans and followers, she is entertaining the idea that on her dedicated group for CY-B3LLA on the Discord chat app, she will enter the chat space to connect with her fans in a bid to create a space where people feel like they belong.
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