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You could make a good argument that blockchain technology has completely altered the internet in a way that will alter the course of society. The two main developments in the blockchain space so far are NFTs and the Metaverse. NFTs are nonfungible tokens you can mint online, helping you prove ownership and generate revenue each time they are used or sold. So far, it's been a popular development for artists. The smart contracts they create will soon be used on a variety of different documents like property deeds and automobile purchases.

The metaverse is a much broader term that mostly refers to the newest version of the internet, Web 3.0. The web will now be experienced in 3D VR, making it much more interactive and creating many more uses for it. NFTs will exist within the metaverse and already do as in-game tokens in NFT gaming and a multitude of other resources. One cool thing about NFTs is how they create a real-world economy for digital assets because of their actual and perceived value.

Both of these things are very new, especially if you aren't obsessed with technology. Here are some developments you should keep an eye out for in the near future.
Augmented reality is a simplified version of virtual reality that is much easier to access because all you need in most cases is a smart device. Augmented reality basically makes digital assets appear in the real world when you view them through your device. One very popular platform that uses AR is the popular smartphone game, Pokemon Go. The first industry to use this will undoubtedly be the advertising industry. After the usefulness and power of AR are realized, most other industries are sure to follow suit. Major corporations, like Apple, are already developing devices to help people access both VR and AR simultaneously.
The pandemic made people realize the value and convenience of holding meetings and other interactions online. Soon, a lot of these meetings will be held in the metaverse. All you will have to do is strap on your VR headset and you will be in a virtual meeting room. This will be a great way to conduct interviews and other meetups without spending money on travel while still getting some of the positive aspects of meeting with someone face-to-face.
Play-to-Earn gaming is going to have a massive effect on the way people view and use video games. Games will have NFTs within their games that are each unique. Players can then collect these in-game tokens as they go. They can be literally anything from a character outfit to something completely unique. Some of these items are even 1 of 1 item. This is where the NFTs' real-world value comes in because players can then sell or trade these in-game NFTS in terrestrial marketplaces, helping them gain cryptocurrency income in the process.

These are just three of the broadest NFT developments that are sure to come. Blockchain technology will see a multitude of other developments thanks to the security and revenue the platform helps create.
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