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This month, the renowned American actor and comedian Bill Murray will unveil a brand-new NFT project built on Ethereum that is based on his life and tales about it.
According to the article, blockchain company Initiative Venkman and website “The Chive” are collaborating to develop the “The Bill Murray 1,000” project.
According to a Decrypt interview with Murray’s son Jackson, the well-known actor wants to contribute as many anecdotes from his time in entertainment as possible to the NFT initiative. 
One thousand NFT collectibles based on 100 stories from Murray’s career, including his work on Saturday Night Live and in films, will be made available through the initiative. 
According to the article, each NFT would be based on an original painting by David Grizzle Murray with unique backgrounds.
Through language and art, each piece will also convey a tale about the undead.
Jackson Murray revealed to Decrypt that after speaking with John Resig, the co-founder, and president of The Chive, his father developed an interest in the NFT project.
The performers were originally opposed to Resig’s declaration that Murray’s next stage of growth would be “absolutely NFT.” Jackson claims that despite being fully aware of the possibilities of digital things, his father finally came up with the notion to start NFT collections.
Jackson claimed that his father had considered coming out with a membership card that would reward collectors with benefits like admittance to future tailored events where they may meet the famous actor.
Murray will have the chance to tell the world about his genuine stories thanks to the NFT collection.
When non-fungible tokens (NFTs) first appeared in 2017, popular NFTs like Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties soon attracted investor interest. Since then, the market for NFTs has rapidly expanded, with Ethereum serving as one of the key driving forces.
The first network to support smart contracts was Ethereum. It has become considerably simpler to define ownership and control transferability of NFTs thanks to smart contracts. 
Additionally, Ethereum developed the ERC-721 token standard specifically for the production of NFTs. Ethereum, therefore, provided the framework for NFTs and opened the door for the revolution in digital assets.
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