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Cryptocurrency projects with a basis in the Metaverse have been the latest exciting development in the industry. Prominent investors and even large companies are all betting big on this new digital reality. NFT collections offering metaverse experiences are perhaps the most innovative but it can be extremely difficult to find the best Metaverse NFT projects.
However, we’ve done the research and found 1o of the most exciting projects in the NFT Metaverse. Furthermore, we’ll even be providing a guide covering where and how to buy the best Metaverse NFTs, making the entire process a breeze. Let’s get started.
For the investors that just need a nudge in the right direction, we’ve included a brief overview of each of the best Metaverse NFT projects. However, comprehensive reviews can also be found just below this section.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the best Metaverse NFT projects, it’s time we take a deeper dive and look at each project individually.
Souls of Nature is an upcoming new NFT project that is aiming to shake up the current Metaverse landscape. The collection consists of 9,271 NFT animals that act as an avatar within the Metaverse.
souls of nature splashsouls of nature splash
Play-to-Earn games are quickly growing in popularity but most titles are basic and offer little in terms of user experience. Souls of Nature is aiming to disrupt the status quo by using Unreal Engine to create a one-of-a-kind experience. By implementing market-leading technology into the project, Souls of Nature is set to create a truly immersive experience for its users. The experience will involve the user going on a quest to rescue the endangered world and will be the first HD Metaverse of its kind. Crypto investors who want to gain exposure to the best metaverse coins in 2022 can read our useful article right now.
As Souls of Nature is dedicated to helping the world and protecting Mother Nature, the team has pledged that a percentage of the funding raised by the initial collection will be donated to protect endangered ecosystems. With the negative sentiment surrounding NFTs and electricity usage, this seems like a great way of giving back and improving the world around us.
natures of soul nftsnatures of soul nfts
Souls of Nature has a clear roadmap and well-defined plans for the future. The experience-to-earn demo is due to be released soon and give users a better understanding of how the game will work. Later, the team plans on developing an in-game marketplace that will enable users to buy/sell items using the upcoming $ZOOIE currency.
Overall, Souls of Nature is a wildly interesting NFT collection that is set to make a positive impact on the real world. While the project is still in its early stages, it shows massive promise.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
Part of the Humans of the Metaverse NFT (HOTM) collection, MetaCity is a virtual world in which HOTM holders will be able to spend $HOTM and interact with other users in several exciting ways. The collection consists of virtual plots that users can build on top of.
Similar to The Sandbox or Dencentraland, MetaCity will allow users to create their own experiences on the platform, meaning the platform has a near-unlimited amount of potential.
meta city splashmeta city splash
During the first quarter of 2022, MetaCity held a land sale for the plots that users can build on. While the collection sold out quickly, it’s still possible to buy land on secondary markets like OpenSea, meaning there’s still plenty of room for new users. As the city expands, the team plans on adding a series of new features like a ‘bank’ which will act as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, and a ‘museum’ which will function as an NFT launchpad for upcoming artists to make a name for themselves.
The project is already in full swing and with a clear roadmap covering the rest of the year, it seems like the development team has a solid plan for the future. Furthermore, the team has a great track record. The original Humans of the Metaverse collection sold out in just 14 minutes and for investors worrying about the Metaverse NFT price, the collection starts at just 0.013 ETH.
MetaCity is a fairly new but extremely exciting project. While it’s still relatively early in the project’s development things are moving quickly and the future seems bright.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
The Sandbox is one of the most famous Metaverses in existence. It’s garnered attention from prominent figures in the crypto community as well as well-known businesses. There are a massive number of NFTs within The Sandbox ecosystem, including both wearables and plots of virtual land.
As The Sandbox is largely a user-created experience (other than the initial infrastructure), the only limit is the player’s imagination. Almost anything is possible in The Sandbox, from NFT Metaverse casinos to interactive games, and even fairground rides. This gives The Sandbox a massive amount of replayability and  provides users even more of a reason to buy SAND over the long term.
the sandbox sitethe sandbox site
The Sandbox provides users with the tools it needs to create on the platform. This means the players fuel the game’s economy and that the amount of cosmetics within the game will continue growing. Users can create buildings, attractions, and wearables like jumpers, so there’s a massive amount of possibilities.
To help reward creators for choosing The Sandbox as their Metaverse of choice, people can sell their creations on the in-game marketplace and earn funds that can then be exchanged for fiat. Additionally, users can monetize the attractions they can be doing things like charging entry fees or even adding play-to-earn elements to their own minigames.
All in all, The Sandbox is more than just another game. It gives users the tools to create almost anything. With hundreds of thousands of NFTs in The Sandbox ecosystem, it’s clear the project is resonating with players and will likely continue to do so.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
Decentraland is The Sandbox’s largest competitor. It follows a very similar model and also offers an NFT Metaverse-based virtual world for users to explore and create. For those interested, we’ve got a great article covering where to buy MANA, the currency native to Decentraland.
decentraland sitedecentraland site
The Decentraland ecosystem is home to over 100,000 NFTs that take the form of both wearables and plots of land. Users can purchase land and build experiences on it similarly to The Sandbox. However, Decentraland has somewhat of a more corporate feel as more companies have made it home in comparison to The Sandbox.
The Decentraland economy is again fuelled by players and it’s buzzing. With MANA being the 33rd largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, it’s clear that investors have high hopes for the NFT real estate Metaverse. Although it’s slightly larger than The Sandbox in terms of price, both are leading Metaverses that are worthy of investment.
The Adidas into the NFT Metaverse collection made headlines during releases and it’s no surprise why. The project was created as a collaboration between the most expensive NFTs, including the Board Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and of course, Adidas. With such influential names behind the collection, it’s of little surprise the collection has a floor price of 1.2 ETH.
adidas into the metaverse siteadidas into the metaverse site
When the project was originally released it granted the holders to physical merch linked to the NFT they owned. Although the window to claim this merch has now closed, Adidas is working on phase 2 of the project which will likely breathe new life into the collection and reward loyal holders.
Along with real-life merch, the Adidas into the Metaverse collection also provided the owners with virtual experiences and wearables in the Metaverse. The collection has a massive amount of hype behind it and it’s likely the second phase will perform even better than the first.
Town Star is a competitive blockchain-based farming game that follows a similar model to the massively successful Farmville franchise. It was built by Gala Games on the Ethereum network and centers around creating a farm, using NFT-based items in a virtual world.
townstar sitetownstar site
Town Star was created by one of the co-founders of Zynga (the company behind Farmville) so it’s no wonder that the Town Star blockchain game has managed to capture so much attention. As stated on the Town Star website, over 600 million people play farming games so if Town Star is able to capture just a fraction of those users, it could become the largest Metaverse crypto game on the market.
Although Town Star has a long way to go before it can be considered a competitor to Farmville, with the rate at which the crypto industry is growing, it could hit this goal sooner than anyone expects
Another project aiming to capture some of the farming game magic is DeFi Land. In contrast to most crypto games, DeFi Land features both free and paid options, meaning users aren’t forced to spend large sums just to begin playing.
defi land sitedefi land site
The game features play-to-earn elements that reward users for completing a wide range of actions in the game. On top of its play-to-earn mechanics, DeFi Land also aggerates different staking protocols allowing users to manage a variety of assets on a single platform. While the Metaverse elements of DeFi Land are still in their early stages, plots of land for the game’s virtual world have already been sold. Soon, users will be able to build and develop their plots similarly to Decentraland.
DeFi Land takes a similar approach to Town Star but has put a slightly greater emphasis on the Metaverse. It’s a well-designed project with a clear development roadmap.
As the name implies, CryptoVoxels is a voxel-based metaverse world. It’s similar to The Sandbox but features a more Roblox-esque design. Furthermore, crypto Voxels has a greater emphasis on the NFT real estate Metaverse side of things.
cryptovoxels sitecryptovoxels site
The CryptoVoxels world is split into a series of land plots named similarly to real-life streets (e.g. Polk Street). This gives the CryptoVoxels world a more homely feel in comparison to platforms like Decentraland. Users can build, develop, and sell their virtual properties just like real-world real estate. For anyone wanting to get involved with CryptoVoxels, the Metaverse NFT floor price is currently 0.743 ETH.
While CryptoVoxels is lagging behind the big names in terms of technology, the team is working to make it a leading Metaverse experience and with a trading volume of over 25,000 ETH, it seems people have faith in the project.
Somnium Space VR is a massive project with backing from huge names like OpenSea, FTX, and Polygon. It’s another virtual world Metaverse but boasts excellent graphics and has a clear focus on VR implementation. With VR making the Metaverse even more realistic, this seems like a solid vision.
somnium space sitesomnium space site
In contrast to most other Metaverse projects, Somnium Space has its own downloadable client which makes the virtual world run better as it’s not limited by browser performance. The world is split into tokenized plots of NFT land that users own 100% and have complete control over. The platform features some intriguing tools like  a fully programmatic adverting plugin that allows users to analyze gaze tracking and engagement to optimize conversion rates. Combine this with the fully programmable nature of the world and it’s clear Somnium Space is packed full of innovative technology.
All in all, while Somnium Space VR might not be as widely known as Decentraland it’s just as, if not more powerful, and it therefore has the potential to dominate the sector.
NFT Worlds is an interesting combination of the Metaverse and the massively popular game Minecraft. The project is split into 10,000 unique NFT worlds that holders can develop and create play-to-earn Metaverse experiences. Additionally, fans of NFT Worlds can also mint NFT avatars for 0.4 ETH.
nft worlds sitenft worlds site
As we mentioned, NFT Worlds is a blend of Minecraft and NFTs, in fact, the game uses the Minecraft engine. This means creators can use tools like WorldEdit and MCEdit to create virtual worlds, eliminating the barrier to entry associated with specialized tools. NFT Worlds can be accessed through the Minecraft client meaning that NFT Worlds is completely cross-compatible and can be played on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Eventually, there are
NFT Worlds is very different from other Metaverses. It’s familiar to more than 100 million users, making it incredibly simple to get started. The team has a well-defined vision for the future and with a floor price of just over 4 ETH, it’s clear there’s a large amount of demand for NFT Worlds.
There is no single Metaverse. Every project will have its own virtual world, meaning there can be a lot of differences between each. As such, the NFT Metaverse falls into a wide range of categories. It can include Metaverse casino NFTs, augmented reality experiences, and even the NFT real estate Metaverse. While each of these kinds of projects does fulfill very different objectives, at its core, each involves some kind of interactive virtual world and that is what defines a Metaverse NFT.
NFTs and the Metaverse go together like bread and butter. Because of this, there are a lot of great projects cropping up that have loads of potential; Souls of Nature for example.
Unfortunately, with there being so many projects it’s impossible to say that every Metaverse NFT is a good investment. However, there are a few factors that anyone can analyze in order to help them determine whether a cool NFT project is worthy of investment
Track Record – One of the easiest ways to determine how likely an NFT Metaverse is to survive is by taking a look at the team behind it. If the people running a project have a proven track record of delivering on their claims and creating value for investors, it’s a good indicator of the project’s validity.
Roadmap – The best Metaverse NFT projects will always have a clearly defined roadmap. This tells investors that the team has planned ahead, estimated how long development will take, and most importantly, that they’re transparent about the project.
Plans for the Future – Linking into the roadmap, it’s always worth checking what a project has planned for the future. While it’s easy to get caught up in the now, the best Metaverse NFT projects will provide long-term value. Seeing how a team plans to develop the project over the long run can provide good insight into whether it’ll actually last or fade away shortly down the line.
Technology – As both NFTs and Metaverse are still fairly new, emerging technologies, it’s worth seeing if a project’s claims are within the realm of possibility. Of course, most projects develop their own technology to some extent, if something sounds too ambitious to be true it probably is.
Figuring out where to buy the best Metaverse NFT projects is one of the most important aspects of the entire process. To make things easier, we’ve included reviews for a couple of the best marketplaces out there.
NFT LaunchPad is a fairly young platform, launched in February 2022. However, don’t let its age fool you, the platform is well-designed, powerful, and has some great NFT collections. Namely, the Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers Club which provides holders with daily chances to win big prizes.
The NFT Launchpad marketplace supports collections created using both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC)  networks. Because of this, there are plenty of cheap NFT projects to choose from. The platform uses Wrapped BNB (WBNB) as its native currency meaning all transactions on the marketplace benefit from low fees, making it far easier to snag a deal.
NFT LaunchPad reviewNFT LaunchPad review
It’s possible to mint NFT collections in a variety of formats. This means users can create animated, audio, and still NFTs. On top of this, anyone minting their own collection has total control over things like assigning rarities and changing royalties. Furthermore, creators can also benefit from the ability to create a dedicated NFT page for a collection that contains important information like key links and a description of the project.
With the rate at which NFT LaunchPad is growing, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a leading name in the NFT space. Therefore, there’s no better time to get to grips with the marketplace. It’s intuitive and navigation is simple, meaning getting started takes next to no time. Every key button is clearly signposted and important information is easy to find. Overall, it’s an excellent marketplace for buyers, sellers, and creators. Whatever your needs, it’s hard to go wrong with NFT Launchpad.



Your capital is at risk. is famous for being one of the best crypto exchanges on the market but in 2021, the titan decided to make a move into the NFT space. The exchange launched the NFT marketplace and as expected, it quickly built up traction.
One of the main draws to the NFT marketplace is its extremely low fees. In fact, there are no fees at all for buying NFTs on the marketplace. However, there is a small 1.99% fee for creators that want to mint and sell on the platform, as well as a 1.99% fee for secondary sales.
There is a wide variety of NFTs available on the marketplace. The platform supports multiple formats so it’s possible to find anything from regular NFT art to more complex animated collections. The marketplace currently supports NFTs created on the Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cronos, and chains so there’s plenty of choice. NFTs
The marketplace has a simple-to-navigate interface and uses the familiar color scheme. It’s easy to search for specific NFTs and with the diverse range of filters available, finding a collection that meets specific requirements is a breeze.
All in all, the marketplace has a lot going for it. There are thousands of NFTs available on the platform, including notable collections like the PSG x Jay Chou collection. Combine these factors with the brand’s track record of providing an excellent user experience and the marketplace is a great choice for anyone looking for the best Metaverse NFT projects.



Your capital is at risk.
While it can be difficult to work out how to buy Metaverse NFTs, by following the steps below, investors of all experience levels can get set up quickly and without hassle.
Before it’s possible to buy any NFTs, a crypto wallet must first be created. Thankfully, the process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Just download a wallet app or extension, we recommend MetaMask. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to create the wallet.
metamask sitemetamask site
Once the wallet has been created, it’s time to buy some BNB. This can be done through either an exchange or a regulated broker like eToro. The BNB purchasing process is simple enough but it might still be worth checking out our how to buy Binance Coin guide. After the BNB has been purchased, ensure the newly created wallet is set to the Binance network and then transfer over the assets.
buy bnb etorobuy bnb etoro

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.
After the funds have arrived in the MetaMask wallet, the next step is connecting to NFT LaunchPad. Simply head over to the NFT LaunchPad website, press the purple button with a wallet icon, hit the MetaMask icon, and confirm the connection using the MetaMask wallet.
connect nft launchpadconnect nft launchpad
Now that the MetaMask wallet has been connected to NFT LaunchPad, it’s possible to buy an NFT. Just click on the search bar, enter the name of the collection, choose an NFT, press the purple ‘Buy’ button, double-check the details, and press ‘Pay’. The funds will be taken and the NFT will be transferred to the connected wallet.
buy nft launchpadbuy nft launchpad
Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the best Metaverse NFT projects on the market and provided an easy-to-follow rundown on how to buy an NFT. Each of the collections we’ve looked at has merit but one stood out from the rest.
Souls of Nature is an upcoming Metaverse experience-to-earn NFT collection that has the potential to drastically shake up the sector. The project has a great team behind it, a clear roadmap, and a demo coming soon.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
For those looking for the next cryptocurrency or NFT to explode in 2022 it’s worth checking Lucky Block out. As one of the first blockchain-based play-to-earn platforms, many crypto-hungry traders are keeping a close eye on LBLOCK.
Next NFT to Blow Up – Lucky Block
Our Rating
While NFTs don’t necessarily have to be part of the Metaverse, each of the NFT collections we’ve looked at in this guide is part of the NFT Metaverse.
Each of the projects we’ve taken a look at is good, but Souls of Nature took the number 1 spot.
It’s easy to get a Metaverse NFT. Just choose a collection you like and follow our ‘how to buy metaverse NFTs’ guide.
It’s definitely possible to make money with Metaverse NFTs but there is always a risk that any investment won’t work out.
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