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BudBlockz is one of the latest projects within the crypto space aiming to disrupt a limited industry and provide access to cannabis markets for millions of people on a global scale. It has sparked a high level of interest and enthusiasm within the crypto space, selling out its private sale ahead of schedule and getting thousands of sign-ups in the first stage of the presale.
Azuki is another crypto project that took the crypto space by storm, where it introduced a collection of 10,000 avatars that gave people exclusive membership access to The Garden.
The Garden was a part of the internet where artists, builders, or anyone else enthusiastic about Web3 could meet and create a decentralized future.
What truly made the project shine in the eyes of many collectors is that it gave holders of its tokens access to exclusive drops.
However, BudBlockz is an evolution of this and could blow up in popularity, appeal and value due to its excitement and promise.
Cannabis enthusiasts have seen a lot of difficulties when it comes to getting exposure to the markets.
​​BudBlockz is a project that aims to fill the role of being the first decentralized, online e-commerce platform where they can access the global cannabis markets easily and with a high level of security.
The project’s main goal is to establish an open and fairly traded environment for those who are just starting out within the global market and for the most experienced traders whilst establishing a high level of decentralization and privacy.
BudBlockz creates a 24/7 open marketplace that operates within legal jurisdictions, ensuring peace of mind.
BudBlockz is very accessible, investors can enter the presale for as little as $50 and you can trade over 10 different cryptos for your BLUNT tokens. The same applies for NFTs and the fractional ownership of cannabis-based businesses and assets. BudBlockz will keep the entry-level low to allow mass access.
This means that investment into the cannabis markets is no longer limited to just the extremely wealthy, as anyone can, at any point in time, now jump in and make their investment in this lucrative industry.
BLUNT is the native cryptocurrency utilized as a medium of exchange between individuals as well as cannabis corporations, which include Dispensaries, Farms, CBD manufacturers, and more. BudBlockz uses blockchain technology and enables purchases through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. BLUNT also fills the role of a governance token and enhances fair and transparent trading.
The Ganja Guruz NFTs play a key role in members becoming verified. By holding these NFTs, they gain entry into the fractional ownership market.
Ganja Guruz is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be released on top of the Ethereum blockchain and follow the ERC-721 token standard.
What this essentially means is that each holder of these tokens can gain benefits, including, but not limited to access to all BudBlockz dispensaries worldwide, receiving discount codes on products in-store, access fractional ownership within the marketplace, and owning a % of the dispensaries and farms, alongside other benefits down the line. 
Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below
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