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Hundreds of new projects appear to be created every day, and millions of NFTs are available for purchase. How do you go through all of these NFTs and choose the most promising startups to follow and perhaps invest in?
For one thing, depending on the amount of capital you want to spend, you may not want to consider NFTs. There are already 4 million assets on OpenSea (the most prominent NFT marketplace), with potentially millions more on other platforms. Given the NFT’s vastness and ever-expanding nature, it’s reasonable to assume that not all of these assets will appreciate.
So, what should you look for in a project, you might wonder? We think NFTs with utility is a terrific way to get started with NFTs and their possible future applications.
Assume you can discover a project with a mission that you can identify with and that also serves some purpose. In such instances, the NFT purchase provides you with more than just digital ownership of an object (art, photo, video, audio, etc.).
One of the most exciting events in the upcoming NFT drop schedule is the launch of Unleashed Platinum.
The platform is being developed by a highly competent team of IT, blockchain developers, programmers, animators, graphic designers, and company owners, and is slated to launch this year.
It’s a new NFT project that will launch its collection on Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721. The reveal of all their images after minting concludes on
The ambition and work of Unleashed Platinum to establish a strong community, as seen by their thriving Discord channel, is what sets them apart from other NFTs.
As a holder, Unleashed Platinum will ask for their votes when making decisions just like being a shareholder in a company. Community engagement will be rewarded with more influence over the big decisions.
UP also plans to build a Runway High fashion gallery in virtual reality. The most active members of their community will be rewarded with prestigious gold and diamond brooches (UP) in full set with a total value of $100,000. Holders also have VIP access to various events like the Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, World Cup, and more.
Each member will also have the chance to attend high-end events in Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, and other prestigious locations across the globe.
UP holders will have access to real-life experience and 30% on their unleashed discount app, with many merchants to choose from.
Unleashed Platinum Discord now has over a thousand members and has a massive following on social media, with both numbers increasing every day.
Unleashed Platinum is expected to develop substantially in 2022, thanks to its great predictions, innovative NFTs, and purpose of giving back to the community.

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