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Jun 27, 2022, 09:00 ET
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SEOUL, South Korea, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global blockchain and NFT company CRIPCO has announced that it will list its native IP3 token on leading global cryptocurrency exchange FTX, as part of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) starting on July 8, 2022.
The FTX listing will enable CRIPCO to establish a blockchain and NFT business based on intellectual property (IP) by using its own NFT marketplace and platform, to maximize NFT usage while building its own ecosystem. This will provide a gateway for entertainment or IP companies as well as individuals to start their own IP-based digital content businesses, including those related to NFTs.
In this approach, CRIPCO is presenting its ‘IP 3.0 Hub’ initiative, a brand-new structure tailored to the Web 3.0 era, where everyone becomes a consumer and provider of IP that organically creates, utilizes, and monetizes their creations with the community. It invites global players to engage in NFT and metaverse spaces, while propelling CRIPCO to the forefront of the blockchain-NFT space.
CRIPCO’s vision to build an ecosystem where anyone can easily create, consume, and monetize using various IPs and NFTs has led to investments from leading global blockchain venture capitals such as FTX Ventures and SOLANA Ventures. Major corporations from various fields, renowned artists, and other influential members across industries are also participating in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), recognizing CRIPCO’s growth potential. Participants include IPX (formerly LINE FRIENDS), street fashion legend Hiroshi Fujiwara, Marciano MMG, NAVER Z (ZEPETO), Edison Chen, KB (Kyubum Lee), and James Fauntleroy.
With a DAO governance model transparently selecting diverse and attractive IPs, a marketplace for realizing and growing NFT businesses, and its own native IP3 currency for purchasing goods and NFTs, CRIPCO is determined to successfully establish itself in the market, and the FTX listing is expected to be the first step towards achieving this vision.
"By listing our IP3 token on the globally recognized FTX exchange, we are expanding the CRIPCO ecosystem for everyone to participate in," said Kimberly Hyunkew Lee, CEO of CRIPCO. "This will enable the opportunity to collaborate with many global IPs and brands and will create a new IP-based NFT business model."
"Our decision to partner with CRIPCO is based on our belief that it will be a strategic player in the global NFT market, with its unique IPs and popular user adoptions. CRIPCO is set to lead the way in the long run with its creative and high-quality NFT launches," said a partner at FTX Ventures.
A representative at SOLANA Ventures said, "As part of our strategic partnership with CRIPCO, we are planning and working together on a variety of projects. In the blockchain and NFT markets, we should expect dynamic changes and creative innovations that will lead to collaboration and synergy between our two companies."
With the FTX listing, CRIPCO’s ‘IP 3.0 Hub’ vision is expected to drive innovations in the ecosystem of digital content creation in a decentralized manner, empowering individuals to participate in content and product creation from scratch.
CRIPCO is a Singapore-based global blockchain and NFT company that aims to popularize NFTs based on various IPs, and will list its native IP3 token on the FTX exchange on July 8, 2022. CRIPCO’s governance is based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which oversees all business-critical decisions from IP screening to IP-based NFT projects. Investors and partners include FTX Ventures and SOLANA Ventures. The CRIPCO DAO is made up of corporations from various fields, renowned artists, and other influential members across industries including IPX (formerly LINE FRIENDS), NAVER Z (ZEPETO), Marciano MMG, Fujiwara Hiroshi, Edison Chen, KB (Kyubum Lee), and James Fauntleroy. In addition to attracting investment from global blockchain venture capitals and a major fashion platform, CRIPCO has secured partnerships with companies in the blockchain industry and is building its ecosystem to realize its ‘IP 3.0 Hub’ vision.
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