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Dove wants to use NFTs to help women experience damage-free hair, not virtually, but in reality.
Dove has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) in Pakistan to allow women who have damaged hair to show their NFT at a salon to get a free nourishing hair treatment and allows them to try to win a year's supply of Dove shampoo. 
Of course, to have damage-free hair is not easy, so Dove is only choosing 10 women through a lucky draw to experience what it feels like to have damage-free hair and feel confident. 
Ad Nut is still figuring out how to mint NFTs with digital wallets, but Dove is making it easy for the winners by sending them the NFT through email for them to collect. What a simple way to do it!
"We're using NFTs to drive brand messaging and, in turn, reward our consumers with long-term utility" explains Amanpreet Singh, Unilever's global media lead for metaverse and web3. "Beyond marketing, we see next-gen technologies like NFTs as a gateway to open new possibilities of consumer engagement and brand advocacy through limited edition packs, gamification, and loyalty programs built with blockchain-backed benefits."
Ad Nut likes how Dove's digital collectible is minted on Polygon, which partners with KlimaDAO, a decentralized collective of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs to reach carbon neutrality.
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