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An NFT rarity checker allows you to check the relative rarity of an NFT in the context of the NFT collection it belongs to. For example, you could use an NFT rarity checker tool to determine how rare the traits of a specific CryptoPunk are compared to all the other NFTs in the CryptoPunks collection.
NFTs are unique digital assets that can represent unique objects such as digital collectibles, art, video game items, or even real-world items. Carrying a unique metadata, these digital assets provide a simple technology to prove the authenticity of something. There are tens of thousands of NFT collections that serve different purposes, and users store their NFTs in NFT wallets such as Enjin wallet. Users can choose between Ethereum NFTs, Solana NFTs, Polygon NFTs and many other blockchain platforms.
In this industry, which is growing and reaching a huge user base, some NFTs are much more valuable than others and can be sold for millions of dollars. Before buying an NFT, investors look for answers to questions such as what determines the value of NFT and how to check NFT rarity ranking. In this content, we will give various suggestions on how to check an NFT’s rarity score and briefly introduce the platforms that serve in this area.
One of the most important factors to consider when evaluating an NFT is its rarity. NFT rarity refers to how unique that NFT is among all NFTs in the collection. Generally speaking, NFTs with higher rarity will fetch a higher price in the market, but it’s important to understand that there has to be demand for the NFT collection the NFT belongs to—rarity by itself is not a guarantee that an NFT is desirable.
NFTs with rare features sell for a higher price and can offer their owners benefits not found in other NFTs. Owning a high rarity NFT also comes with some bragging rights, which some people will value more than others.
Determining the rarity of an NFT is simplified by dedicated online tools, which we will explore a bit further below. These websites use three basic methods when calculating NFT rarity. Three different calculation methods, Average Trait Rarity, Trait Rarity Ranking, and Statistical Rarity, calculate how rare the NFT’s properties are compared to all the NFTs in the collection.
The three most popular service websites for NFT scoring and rarity check are Rarity Sniper,, and Rarity Sniffer.
Rarity Sniper - Rarity Checker
Rarity Sniper is a project that started with a few developers creating a simple tool for NFT sniping. Later, with the Discord servers reaching more than 250 thousand users, the tool was further developed and a public NFT rarity tool was released. The website is able to sort NFTs in their collection of over 1000 NFTs by rarity.
There are many features on the website such as upcoming NFT drops, the ability to search collections by properties, collection statistics, new NFT collections. Rarity Sniper has also added a Buy Now button for NFTs in OpenSea. - Rarity Checker is a platform that can sort collectible NFTs by rarity. This platform, which can be used to determine how rare any NFT in the collection is, allows us to compare NFTs with each other.
A Rarity Score is given for each feature of the NFT in When the rarity scores of all traits are added together, the NFT reaches a final NFT score, and the rarity scores of all NFTs in the collection are ranked from highest to lowest. has a customized scoring system for each collection. The flagship feature of the platform is Top Bottom Matching.
Rarity Sniffer - Rarity Checker
The Rarity Sniffer is one of the first NFT rarity checkers released. Supporting new collections almost every day, Rarity Sniffer has added collections to its homepage, making it easier to check for rarity.
More than 10,000 collections are listed on Rarity Sniffer as of November 2022. If you want to check NFT rarity but can’t find a website that supports the collection, you should definitely take a look at Rarity Sniffer. The trending NFT platform claims to have the largest archive of NFT collections on the web.
Rarity checker NFT tools usually calculate the rarity according to the Rarity Score approach. Rarity checkers, which calculate the properties and density of all NFTs within a collection with an advanced algorithm, give each NFT a reliable rarity score. There can be more than 1000x price difference between two NFTs in a collection. That’s why before buying an NFT, it’s a good idea to check how much it should cost with a tool like
Let’s learn about the rarity of an NFT in the CryptoPunks NFT collection by going to the website. This step-by-step guide will give you a better understanding of how the NFT scoring and ranking process works.
NFT collections
When we enter the website, we can see the All Collections section by scrolling down a bit. Here we can sort the NFT collections according to 10 different filtering methods, and see the statistics of the collection by searching by project name. I choose the CryptoPunks collection.
NFT rarity ranking
When we enter the collection page, there are options in the left navigation bar that allow us to make detailed filters. In the middle section, we can change the ranking method and decide for ourselves how to rank the NFTs. We can also customize applied weightings. The common NFT rarity check methods are Rarity Score, Trait Rarity, Statistical Rarity, and Average Rarity.
To measure the rarity score of the albino female CryptoPunk #9876 with hat and pink hair, purple lipstick and eye patch, I type the NFT ID in the left navigation bar.
CryptoPunks NFT rarity
NFT scored 178.09 with v2 measurements. This makes the NFT the 818th rarest NFT in the collection. When I make the same measurement with the v1 method, the NFT is the 798th NFT at its rarest. Considering there are 10,000 NFTs in the collection, 818 isn’t a bad ranking.
NFT charts
In the interface we can also see the Punk Type Value of the collection and many useful charts.
There are many different tools that allow us to know how rare an NFT is before we buy an NFT. Every rarity tool and calculation method are useful and can prevent you from overpaying for an NFT. has become the most popular NFT scores tool thanks to its filtering and statistics features. 
You can use these tools to potentially find rare NFTs that can be acquired for a good price. Each of these tools is free, which may come in handy on your next gem NFT hunt. When you find the right analysis tools and know how to use them, you can start making more profitable investments.
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