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The legendary rock band Linkin Park’s frontman Mike Shinoda is back with another music NFT in collaboration with Web3 music company Secret Garden. As one of the Proof Collective artists, Mike Shinoda surprises Moonbirds NFT holders by making them eligible to earn a slot for the NFT.
Moonbirds and Collective Pass holders will be eligible to win a spot for PROOF artist @mikeshinoda's new music NFT. This is a rapidly growing space in web3, and we're excited to share our thoughts in our latest PROOF Deep Dive. Visit our discord for early access to the report!
According to the press release, Mike Shinoda recently became the first advisor of Secret Garden and is gearing up to drop his music NFTs titled ‘Windchime’.
New project, October 12: a music-making digital collectible. 24 musical loops for you to play with & save. Art rarity from dozens of layers. All art & music by me. Allowlist only, for @ZigguratsNFT, @SecretGarden_FM, @moonbirds, @proof_xyz, @capsule_house, & @warpsound_ai (1/2)
“Windchime is a one-of-a-kind music collectible that places an emphasis on a visual experience alongside the interactive music player, immersing the users in a curated journey” the press release noted.
With Bouquets, a groundbreaking interactive, fully functioning music player that enables owners to create custom music mixes and graphics using sounds and artwork created by resident artists, Secret Garden has established a niche for itself in the music NFT industry.
Through the interactive Bouquet music player, fans can collaborate with Shinoda by using 24 new musical stems from the artist to make their own Windchime track. 
Starting on October 12, fans can buy their creation, which includes a unique visual which is an art piece created by Shinoda, as their own personal NFT.
Shinoda noted “Secret Garden is innovating the approach to music in web3. I’m excited to be an advisor and help them grow as we discover new ways to connect with fans. Our collaborative release of Windchime is an exciting first step together.”
This is not the artist’s first venture in the NFT space. Last December, Mike Shinoda’s NFT mixtape Ziggurats went live on Tezos blockchain. Ziggurats became the first generative NFT mixtape consisting of 5,000 mini-mixtapes.
With Windchime NFT, Shinoda will introduce the Ziggurats community he already has on Tezos to the Ethereum network as it is his first Ethereum-based collection.
Signing up allows members of the Ziggurats, Secret Garden, Moonbirds, Capsule House, and Warpsound communities a designated period of early access to Windchime NFT before it is made available to the general public.
Victor Wang, Secret Garden’s Co-Founder, stated “Secret Garden and Mike Shinoda are exploring interactive audiovisuals as a new music collectible primitive. This is the next step in a long history of music technology — vinyls, cassettes, CDs, mp3s, streaming, and now digital collectibles.”
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